Monday, September 23, 2013

Boyish Chic SALE!

I am traveling very far abroad in the very near future so I'm selling some of my favorite pieces of clothing on Ebay to help save up! Check out the collection here.

You'll find clothes for sale that I've worn in posts, including.....

Edgy vintage Escada jacket: find it here.

Cozy, free spirited Kimchi Blue sweater: find it here.

And some other Boyish Chic favorites...
 Vintage triangle accent bag: find it here.

Vintage 100% silk, sequined and beaded top: find it here.

Steve Madden oxfords: find them here.

Vintage navy blazer: find it here.

Lucky Brand tribal platform wedges: find them here.

Shop here now.
Thanks for checking it out & happy shopping!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Bali Getaway Wishlist.

Labor Day has come and gone, but, in my mind, summer is still going strong. I'll enjoy autumn when October comes. For now, I'll be daydreaming up what my getaway to Bali wishlist would look like: think patterns, bright colors, mixing and matching, practicality (messenger bag for bicycle rides and flowy, more conservative wear to match with southeast Asian culture).

Shoes, Ted Baker // 2 Pants, Simons // 3  Bag, Fossil // 4 Top, Rip Curl // 5 Hoodie, Nollie

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