Monday, August 5, 2013


Eric and I left our own little zoo back home & took a trip to Stone Zoo. It was so much fun. Exploring around and learning about the different animals was an adventure, for sure. So was dressing for the day. It was humid out so I went for light and airy. But, hey, I knew we'd be walking through dirt in the zoo so I broke out my favorite boots.

We came face to face with some big(ger) cats than we're used to...

I spy with my little eye...

Feeding the Aussies!

When I said face to face, I really meant it.

Most beautiful creature.

Despite the rain, it was all in all an amazing day. 
And... we're always happy to go home to our own jungle Kat.
dress, H&M // belt, Forever 21 // glasses, Betsey Johnson // bracelet, gift // boots, Dr Martens (Dr Martens for Canadian lasses/lads, too!)
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