Thursday, February 21, 2013

tightly knit.

I'm incredibly psyched to introduce Tightly Knit to you ladies & gents! 

As you may already know, I've been running my own lifestyle brand for over two years now called my Remedy. The whole reason I was able to do this was with the support of my parents, Brigitte & Rolland. They are my rocks, constantly keeping me grounded & supporting all of my dreams. My mom has been a huge part of the backbone of my Remedy - helping me send out orders, set up at events, plan, daydream...

That's why I'm really happy to tell you about my mom's little dreamed up creation: Tightly Knit. She's been a knitting ninja for years now and I've finally convinced her to set up shop with me at a few shows. Her knits fly off the table and it's awesome. I'm so excited about this - especially because my mom doesn't even realize how sweet her knits really are!

Tightly Knit features hats, headwraps, floral headwraps, scarves & more knit just for you, all for under $25! Are you looking for stripes? Flowers? Bows? My mom can design you custom pieces with your favorite colors & style. 

If you dig Tightly Knit as much as I do, like my mommypie's Facebook page here and help me convince her how awesome she is ;] To order something, comment below or on the Facebook page or email

Thanks so much!
P.S. Major thanks to Eric for being such a babe & modeling. You. Rule.

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