Wednesday, February 6, 2013

flapper in plaid: dressing down a fancy dress & twist hair.

I got this dress on the sale rack at H&M for $20. It was a maaaajor steal. The intricate beadwork is incredible and I love that it looks like a flapper dress. Heh. Also, a New Year's Eve dress for $20? Does it get any better?! All of that aside, I don't like filling my closet anymore with things I can only wear once so I decided to find a way to downplay this piece as I did with my Bestey Johnson dress. I layered it with some plaid, combat boots, and a rockstar moto jacket. 

I even attempted my hair with this hair tutorial from Treasures and Travels - so easy and awesome. Take it from someone who doesn't really do hair... this style is a keeper! My headband was a bit too loose and kept letting out hair so I've also shown a separate way to wear the style with only your bangs tucked in. 

moto jacket, Urban Outfitters // dress, H&M // headband, somewhere in Paris // shirt, check & stripe // tights, Walgreens // boots, Nine West // socks, gift // amber ring, my Remedy

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  1. i LOVE this look! you look so adorable!


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