Friday, August 31, 2012

DIY: knotted tank top

This is a stellar DIY to make a tied tank top - a twist on the original DIY from The Craft Caboodle here. Revamp something old in your closet or, as in this case, take a unisex shirt & make it more feminine. I used my Size Matters tee from the shop, which is also now on sale (woohoo!). I suggest buying one size up from your usual wear since you'll be pulling it tight. Once you've got your shirt, you've got step 1 down...

Step 1 // Grab a tee.

Step 2 // While wearing your shirt, make a tiny mark (sharpie, pencil, whatever works!) where you want the future knot to be. The higher you cut, the shorter your top will be. Take off your tee and lay it on a flat surface. Using (fabric, if possible) scissors, cut a straight line slit from the bottom of the shirt to your mark. Cut the front of your shirt only - NOT the back. Remember, you can always cut more. 

Step 3 // If you wish to change up the sleeves: put your shirt on and mark where how much shorter you'd like the sleeves to be. Lay it out on a flat surface and cut a straight, slightly diagonal line. Use the existing edge of the shirt as guidance for the angle. Make sure you don't cut through the armpit!

Step 4 // For a sleeveless tank: mark how thick you'd like the tank strap to be while wearing it with a point on the top of your shoulder. Lay it out on a flat surface. Use one of your existing tank tops as a guide for where you should cut the curved shape.

Step 5 // You can also cut the collar piece out as I did for my tied tank. Turn your tee inside out. Cut a slit & then cut as close as you can along the collar all the way around. I would suggest cutting one layer of fabric at a time, but go with your gut!

Get the look...

my Remedy Size Matters tee & Summer Strawberries earrings (red strawberries just sold out, but pink is still available!) - both on sale right now, thrifted shorts (DIY tutorial here), gifted rings & Rocket Dog peeped toe shoes. If your tank is oversize like mine, rock it with a bandeau.

Lemme know if you try this DIY out!
Give it up for summer & have a sweet weekend,
xx. Jillian

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rockin' the Jasper Wave.

Heyoh! Here's how I rock the Jasper Wave necklace (made from silver plated chain, Chinese turquoise, red jasper & amazonite) with a beachy oversize top, cuffed DIY shorts & peep toe shoes. Oh, and I got bangs...! 

These shorts are an easy DIY that I learned how to make from my beautiful friend, Sophia Osbourne...

I took an old pair of jeans that no longer fit. Put them on and mark with a sharpie where you want to cut them. I suggest making them about 3 inches longer than you want the finished product. You can always cut more, but it's not as easy to add length! Take them off and lay them on the floor. Cut (using fabric scissors if you have 'em) a straight line where you marked with the sharpie. Put them on and roll them up from the bottom. Booyah! Recycle the old into brand spankin' new shorts.

I love how this necklace has a tribal feeling with the bibbed jasper sections. It reminds me of a trip I took to Arizona with my family as a kid. There were Native Americans selling jewelry by the roadside - truly exquisite handmade pieces made with turquoise and other colored stones. This piece is now on sale in my shop for Labor Day among the rest of the sale! Get it while you can...

xx. Jillian
necklace, my Remedy // tee, Roxy // jeans, thrifted // rings, gifts & a hair tie // shoes, Rocket Dog from TJMaxx

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

End of Summer Sale up to 75% off!

BOOYAH! Let's give it up for summer with a ginormous sale on 
EVERYthing my Remedy:
Up to 75% off now-Labor Day with $4 flat rate shipping, yo.

xx. Jillian

Friday, August 24, 2012

falling for autumn: men's take.

Last week I did a women's edition of trends I'd like to rock this fall. Knowing I have a few guy readers, I thought it'd be fun to do a dude's version so here it is! Guys - if we went shopping together, these are the types of items I'd be making you try on...

1 watch // Yep, I'm into watches right now, especially dark, simple ones. I like the matte color of this one, as well as the distinct square face. It feels polished & bold, but in an effortless way. Nixon has a sweet watch collection that you can check out here.

leather jacket // I don't think a leather moto jacket ever goes out of style. Ever. It'll cost you a pretty penny, but I can promise that this is a staple item for your closet that's going to last. You can rock a moto jacket with many outfits, especially if you get one in black. It's versatile. It's warm. It's badass. It's durable. It's a smart buy and every guy (& girl!) should have one.

chambray shirt // I had the chambray shirt in the women's edition & I didn't think I'd be adding it to the men's, but... this is a pretty sweet shirt. It's a darker, dustier blue so it's rugged. (Fun fact for us fashion geeks: the blueish-black colors were featured in this fall's fashion week.) I also love the thread detailing that makes this shirt even more western. I'd suggest mismatching this shirt with any of the above items for a rougher look & rocking the cowboy look 'cause it's kick-ass.

4 action > words // This dogtag is hand-engraved from my latest collection. The miliatry-inspired tag is a reminder to do what you say you're going do & be a man of your word. There's a slew of other unisex tags online here, as well as a custom option where you can speak your own mind.

5 versatile boots // Like the moto jacket, boots are a staple item for your closet. You can wear them with your jeans tucked into the top for a stylish, rugged look. Or, don't tuck your pants in & the boot works as a dress shoe (& they'll keep you warm in winter).

To my guy readers - what would you like to see more of on this blog?
xx. Jillian

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

new products in the shop for guys & girls!

New unisex hand-engraved dog tags! Each piece is unique. Shown above is Speak Your Mind. Speak your own mind & order a custom dog tag here.

A spin on feather extensions, check out stone & charm hair clip ins in the shop.

Is there anything that you would like to see in the shop?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on what's up there now & what you'd like to see! Leave a comment below or email me at

Thanks & keep living in love, 
xx. Jillian

Friday, August 17, 2012

falling for autumn.

Don't get me wrong - I am in no way over summer. I don't think I've ever been over summer. That being said, I am starting to get excited about fall fashions. Thought I'd throw together a set of items I'd love to have for autumn, as well as new trends I'm itching to try & haven't yet...

black & gray watch // I've been on the search for a boyish chic watch & this one by Nixon steals the gold for me. I love the masculine black & slate gray with the more feminine, clean, mod face. It's a simple, yet strong looking watch. This would be sweet as an everyday watch (black & gray matches everything) or paired with a more feminine outfit (like a floral dress).

2 tribal & geometric dress // Don't know that I'll ever be over the tribal trend. My dad has inspired an appreciation for Native American art & culture in me since I was little. I'd wear tribal patterns any day. Geometric patterns have also made a comeback and will be big for fall. I'm liking the dark side of this Torn by Ronny Kobo dress mixed with this coral. It's the perfect color transition from summer to fall.

3 metallic & lace scarf // Scarves. Mmm, man, do I love me some scarves. I don't like cold weather, but I do like the layering-&-drinking-lots-of-hot-cocoa-&-tea aspect of it. Metallic (especially gold) & lace are two trends that have been & will continue to make waves this fall. This scarf is a stellar combination of both. I've only discovered ash&dans recently, but their scarf collections are beautiful.

4 black & geometric ring // Keeping in step with the geometric trend, is this black & diamond ring by My Jewelry Box. It's masculine with its square shape and black stones mixed with more feminine diamonds & white sterling silver. This would be an amazing ring to add to any wardrobe because of its easy ability to be dressed up (it's shiny already!) or dressed down (with some boyish combat boots and oversized tee or flannel).

5 ombre & chambray shirt // The cowgirl in me is way into the chambray trend. I really like how this BDG shirt is also ombre, but in a subtle way. It's noticeable without being overdone, which is awesome. Matched with a dress and some Dr. Marten's or cowgirl boots - I'd rock this shirt for fall.

6 velvet & bowtie // Okay, the ultimate boyish chic item may be a bowtie & I have yet to try one with a buttondown blouse. This is something I'm hoping to attempt this autumn. Have you tried it before? I also don't have anything velvet (besides leotards from elementary school dance recitals), but I think I'm about ready to try it out, too. Why not try them together with this ASOS bowtie? I'm in.

7 booties & black // Finally, my favorite part about colder weather: the shoes. What better than these killer Jeffrey Campbell booties? Pretty much head over heels for these. The matte black and the wooden heel are a sweet combination to match just about anything from jeans to dresses. They also fall a bit into the military trend of this autumn: they're sleek & simple, but still have a great kick. 
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