Friday, March 30, 2012

Cut loose... Footloose!

I helped lead a youth group a few years ago & it was one of the most amazing experiences. Something awesome about it, is that now I get to see some of the kids we had do their thing in the world and it's an incredible feeling. Last week, the high school in my hometown put on the play Footloose. One of the kids that was in my youth group, Matt Gallitelli was the lead role of Ren and he rocked it. I was STUNNED. He carried the show with his voice & dance moves. I had no idea that he was so talented in the ways of drama! It was pretty awesome. Go you, Matt! 

Of course, I had to rock some cowgirl boots & red for the show. I mean, c'mon, it's... Footloose!

Carol & I rockin' our dresses & boots in Mike's truck! Heck yeah.
Couldn't keep my feet still after the show. All I wanted to do is dance (but what else is new?) Too fun! These last photos make me really smile.
xx. Jillian

jacket, H&M // dress, Urban Outfitters // boots, MIA // leg warmers, gift

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring sprint

Spent a morning walking through the woods & exploring the other day. I still can't believe spring is here already in March (even if it is 50 degrees outside this week). It's crazy... and I'm so diggin' it! Can't wait for the leaves to come back and the world to turn green again. Things are just so much happier when the world is green. I'm such a summer kid.

I'm trying to explore around a little everyday & take this all in while it lasts...xx. Jillian

hat, Goorin Bros // shirt, Volcom // necklace & ring, my Remedy // jeans, Levi's // kicks, Keds

Monday, March 26, 2012

Summer fever... & one STELLAR day.

Wore shorts for the first time this year -  heyoh! Stoked. It was pretty warm one day last week - not overly so, but warm enough to rock some shorts with kicks & a flannel. Love me some plaid flannel... year round.

I received this amazing gift from my friend, Catherine, the other day.. just because. It has my late dog's name engraved on a heart with a tiny heart & cross charm attached. I opened the package (she lives in San Francisco) and was at a loss of words. Her thoughtfulness brought me to tears! I'm so thankful for a friend like you, Catherine. Thank you for thinking of me so kindly! Your heart is so big & I'm blessed to know you.

Not to mention, I started this kick ass day off with my beautiful friend, Shelly! We roadtripped to the beach. It was pretty hazy out & you couldn't see far into the water, but we had some good naptime in the sand. Ended the trip with some delicious burritos at Surf Taco. YUM. 

The incredible day continued when I headed out at night to go see a friend in a high school play with my friends, Carol & Mike. Check out this amazing BBQ Mike put together at his new place, overlooking a lake. Absolutely beautiful. Doesn't get much better...

Oh, & the play was Anything Goes so we ended the night... on a boat! 
Doesn't get much better than a day like that. I'm one lucky girl.
Cheers to a good week.
Live in love,
xx. Jillian

flannel, PacSun // tank, TJMaxx // heart necklace & amber ring, my Remedy // short necklace, gift // turquoise ring, unknown // shorts, Bullhead // kicks, Converse // bag, Steve Madden

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Let the sun shine in.

Took a personal day last week because it was gorgeous weather out. My mommypie & I needed some sunshine so we headed to my safe haven: the beach.

drawing in the sand....

"While we cannot direct the wind, we can adjust the sails." - Bertha Calloway

xx. Jillian

Friday, March 16, 2012

Responsible (& chic) picks from asos.

Fashion & humanitarianism work together. When I see it being implemented, I get really crazy excited because I don't see why the two wouldn't go hand in hand. When I found out that asos has a section of clothing called the Green Room "with a social & enviornmental ethos", I was pretty psyched (still am!). Most of it is relatively expensive, but I've found some products below that are decently priced & pretty amazing. Hoping to get my hands on one or two in the future. My boyish chic picks:

1 backpack // Diggin' the teal backpack, especially for spring fever. This bag was made from Canvas by Baggu: "With a “just the product” philosophy, Baggu look to simplistic design and durable fabrications to create their bag collection."
2 dress  //  This Johann Earl dress is adorable. The polka dots & that peter pan collar are stellar. I also love how the outfit is already boyish chic - a dress with kicks & that menswear-inspired satchel. It doesn't get much better. Oh wait, except it does because this dress is made from vintage fabric making it environmentally friendlier (& more unique).
3 striped top & 6 peasant top //  I'm a sucker for a boat shirt (because it makes me think of Paris), especially when it has a socially responsible backdrop. Both of these tops are made by People Tree, who supports local artisans by using & promoting organic cotton. And both of these tops are lovely.
ring & 5 cuff  // I'm loving the washed out ruby color of this ring that looks like a raspberry Popsicle (can you tell I'm in a summer state of mind?). I'm also really feeling the shape of this elongated cuff - too cool. Even more, though, I'm loving that this jewelry comes from an African workshop & is created by Made. Made creates job opportunities for their Kenyan employees. 

Which one's your favorite from the Green Room?
Keep living in love & happy Friday!
xx. Jillian

P.S. They need to get a Green Room started for men over there at asos. Did I miss it somewhere? I'm going to try to do a menswear version of sustainable products next week for my dudes!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Design for humanity.

Water changes everything. It does. It's totally something that I take for granted in my everyday life, whether it's for showering or cooking pasta or brushing my teeth. I hardly ever realize how much water I really use and how easily accessible it is to me. I turn on the faucet & boom: it's there. No walking ten miles for one bucket or pumping a well to receive it. 

I truly realized this last year through researching & watching films by charity: water, an organization that builds water wells for people who have no access to water. And it's a lot of people. I'm really looking forward to creating an event through my Remedy geared towards donating money to charity: water in the near future. If I am so blessed to have water, I want to find a way to bring others water, too. (By the way, charity: water came up with this awesome idea that instead of asking for presents for your birthday party, ask people to donate money to the cause. Pretty sweet.)

All of the above to also say that this is one of my all time favorite tees. I love graphic tees that have a positive message. I've worn this shirt so much it's starting to get that rippled effect throughout where the fabric is starting to wear off (and I'm going to keep on wearing it). Billabong created this top with the tagline: Design for Humanity. That's awesome. Heck yes, I want to design for humanity! If I'm going to be a walking billboard for a clothing company, I want it to be a positive message that I'm rockin'. I really hope to see more of this from big name brands in the future.  

Do you know of any brands designing for humanity?
xx. Jillian

P.S. It was over 70 degrees yesterday. Over 70 degrees. I am so happy that summer is coming & sunshine is here. If there was any day to rock fuschia lipstick, it was yesterday. 

shirt, Billabong // jeans, bullhead // flats, Jessica Simpson // cuff & hematite bracelet, my Remedy // friendship bracelet, made by my friend // rings, unknown

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dressing for a concert.

I went to see MuteMath last night with my brother & his best friend (bought them tickets for Christmas - Merry Christmas, bros!). I used to find dressing for concerts to be kind of tricky.. dress for style or for comfort? If you're anything like me, you like to move/dance/jump at shows. This is what I'd suggest:
  • Layers! It might be cold outside, but (if the show is) inside, it's probably a sweaty mess. Remember, you're going ot be standing really close to a mass amount of people in a crowd. Luckily, it was warm last night so there was no need to drag around a heavy coat.
  • Comfort: you're going to be moving around. You're going to want to be comfortable. I wore my jacket & a tee last night. Listen, concerts are dark &, chances are, you'll probably be sweating through most of it/rubbing up against people you wouldn't normally, so why wear something really nice or that you care about? I'm not saying go in sweats, but a tee is a pretty safe bet. 
  • And more comfort: shoes. You're going to be standing for a while. Boots & kicks are a smart choice. Wearing open toed shoes is probably not the best idea; people jumping around aren't thinking about whether or not your feet are safe. And if your feet let out at a concert, it's all over.
  • If you need to carry a purse, wear a cross body one & try to keep it light. You don't want to have to trudge a huge bag through a sea of people (or dance around with one). I like cross body because it evens out the weight and it feels safer to me. I can hold on to it without feeling like it's going to go flying off or get kicked around.
Have more suggestions? Leave 'em in the comments section! I'd love to read your thoughts on it.

Mutemath killed it last night. I wasn't a huge fan beforehand, but I have such an appreciation for them now (like the time I went to see Foo Fighters). They marched in with white lights & a drum beat (followed by the drummer duct taping his headphones to his head so he could go crazy)...

...and there was confetti (when is that not awesome?!)...

... and the lead singer surfed out over the crowd on an inflatable, lit up mattress-type-thing. It was sweet! The band has so much energy & it just resonates out throughout the whole venue. Love when musicians get so into their music that they just let loose. Passion truly shows when it's real. This show is definitely up there in my top live performances that I've seen. What's one of your favorites?

Cheers to the weekend,
xx. Jillian

jacket, Forever21 // tee, Lukcy Brand // jeans, Bullhead // boots, Nine West // bag, Steve Madden // scarf, shop in Paris

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Boyish Chic business card design.

Finished up my business cards for the blog & they finally came in the mail last week! Boooooyahhhh. Really psyched about these. There's so much info to put on business cards nowadays with all the social networking sites, that it was a little bit tricky to fit it all on there. I'm happy with how they came out, though! If you're looking for great, cheap places to print your business cards, I suggest using Overnight Prints & Greener Printer (eco-friendly!). I've used both before with amazing outcome.

Going to try to spend some time outside today because it's supposed to be.... 70 degrees & sunny. Out of my mind happy. Helllooooooo, sunshine.
xx. Jillian

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Use your voice to make Kony (in)famous.

We were each given a unique voice for a reason. We have the opportunity to use it to make a difference for the greater good. If we have this gift, why wouldn't we use it? We've been given a chance to here & now:


I saw this film for the first time this morning & I'm completely moved by it, as well as angered, saddened & frustrated. Children being stolen from their homes to fight & kill is something you hear about or see movies about, but it never really became real to me until this moment. And we can do something about it, simply by just spreading the word. By making Kony (in)famous, we're raising awareness about who he is and what he's doing. Up until this point, I've never even heard of him, but this has been going on for a very long time. This stuns me.

But, I also know that we, as people, have voices that provide powerful impact. We have the opportunity to speak up & speak out about what's happening in Uganda. We all have social networks; we can use those to create awareness about this. Tell our friends, our family, our neighbors, the pizza delivery guy.... We have the power to make a difference. Let's do just that.

Sign the pledge here.
Join TRI.
Shop to donate to the cause.

Live in love,
xx. Jillian

Thursday, March 1, 2012

rainy day bows.

Nothing like some rainy day blues bows. I got this clip while I was living in San Francisco. I love how feminine & over the top huge it is. It makes me smile & reminds me of childhood (dress up, anyone?). Naturally, I have to match it with an oversize tee & combat boots to tone it down a notch. Haha! Perfect for a boyish chic rainy day & puddle jumping, though.

Headed out to one of my all time favorite eateries with my mommypie. The food at Tito's Burritos is delicious, but it's mostly the atmosphere that keeps me coming back every other week. Stepping into that place is like walking into a little tiki hut. It brings me to a whole new place. It's like being on the beach - I forget winter, work, everything...

That tv always has awesome extreme sports on it from skating to surfing to helicopter jumping onto snow covered mountains. It always makes me wish I could be fearless like those guys are. And living in California.
Naked veggie burrito aka a bowl of  yellow rice, pico de gallo, veggies & melted cheeeeeeese.

Being a goof. Ha.
They have a bunch of retro, surfing posters hanging up.
Yes, it is!
xx. Jillian
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