Monday, December 31, 2012

NYE outfit on the fly.

jeans, Nasty Gal // 2 pumps, Aldo // 3 headband, Just Lovely Things // 4  top, Garage // 5 nailpolish, butter // 6 blazer, ASOS
Going all out for New Year's Eve is definitely a good time. Last year, I spent my night in NYC glammed out with some of my girls. It was awesome. This year though... not so much; I just don't have the funds to. So, how can I do NYE dress up on the cheap? My first choice is always to buy a dress. I've contemplated thrifting one and fixing it, but I'm short on time with NYE days away. This may sound trivial, but after examining my whole closet, I've decided I can mix separates I already own. And, yes, I'm pretty dang excited about it. 

Layering can be key to re-styling your clothing. Throw that fancy sweater over a casual summer dress with some pumps. Looking for new jewelry? Layer 3-5 long & short necklaces over a plain, solid sweater. Layer your makeup: wear hot pink lipstick with an intense cat eye (don't go overboard, but do put on a little more than you usually would if the rest of your outfit is toned down). Layering your clothing will not only keep you warm on a chilly NYE night, but also will help you revamp what you already own to look like something new.

Use what you already have in new ways
We probably all have at least one bright colored pants we bought this past  year (I know I do!) that could be twisted up with a sequin tank top & some pumps. A blazer tends to dress anything up, so mixing one with dark/black jeans, a lace top, & booties would be NYE festive. I have plenty of casual dresses that I wear with kicks, but instead, why not wear a casual dress with a high heel? Instantly, that dress is taken up a notch. Or! Go opposite & rock a more laid back look for NYE that's still got some sparkle to it.

Mix & match prints & colors
Mixing, matching & getting a bit out of your comfort zone with your closet can take it to new places. I, for one, wouldn't choose to wear heels, a skirt, and a peplum top all in one outfit on an average day (I'd wear two of the three with something more boyish). However! That outfit right there would be rad for NYE. A huge trend this year was mixing prints and colors. This makes styling on the fly even easier: the print on your heels don't need to match the print or color of your skirt. In fact, it's better if it doesn't! Throw on some bright or sparkly nailpolish that stands out from your outfit. What's even sweeter about doing all of this for NYE is that I'm more inspired to do it in my everyday style. 

DIY revamp
Another idea I've been wanting to try is some DIY: adding stones, studs, or metallic buttons to a piece like a blazer (pictured above) or collar on a blouse. Decorate a headband with some sparkly cut out stars (like in the inspiration board above...). Adding low cost additions to already existing pieces is like buying a whole new piece without that added cost (and more free space in your closet - woohoo!). I'm planning to do this to a few shirts in the new year... I'll let you know how it goes.

Enjoy mixing, matching & revamping your closet! Get a little crazy in there.
xx. Jillian

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