Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bond, Jill Bond...

I have the most awesome, incredible, surreal, beyond stellar news ever. My thoughtful and lovely boyfriend, Eric, is taking me to go see the opening of the new James Bond  movie, Skyfall.... in London. YES. LONDON. Cue: me. freaking. out. I danced all up and down and around my house like a crazy person when I found out. I'm beyond excited.

In true Bond girl fashion, I will need to be dressing up royally for this event. So, I started by thinking of some words that define a Bond girl: sleek, sexy, mysterious, smart, chicly badass (heyoh, boyish chic!). They always seem to be wearing long gowns. I'd like to revamp the look a bit while still emulating my inner Bond girl. Here's my moodboard for the night out:

Skyfall Posters
1 // badass studded earrings
2 // beaded, flowy dress with an edgy slit
3 // red, chic bodycon dress
4 // boyish chic, bowtie clutch
5 // sleek, ankle strap platforms
6 // badass, bodycon dress

On the hunt for a look that's shaken, not stirred.
xx. Jillian

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Thanks for making my day. Keep living in love. xx.

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