Friday, August 17, 2012

falling for autumn.

Don't get me wrong - I am in no way over summer. I don't think I've ever been over summer. That being said, I am starting to get excited about fall fashions. Thought I'd throw together a set of items I'd love to have for autumn, as well as new trends I'm itching to try & haven't yet...

black & gray watch // I've been on the search for a boyish chic watch & this one by Nixon steals the gold for me. I love the masculine black & slate gray with the more feminine, clean, mod face. It's a simple, yet strong looking watch. This would be sweet as an everyday watch (black & gray matches everything) or paired with a more feminine outfit (like a floral dress).

2 tribal & geometric dress // Don't know that I'll ever be over the tribal trend. My dad has inspired an appreciation for Native American art & culture in me since I was little. I'd wear tribal patterns any day. Geometric patterns have also made a comeback and will be big for fall. I'm liking the dark side of this Torn by Ronny Kobo dress mixed with this coral. It's the perfect color transition from summer to fall.

3 metallic & lace scarf // Scarves. Mmm, man, do I love me some scarves. I don't like cold weather, but I do like the layering-&-drinking-lots-of-hot-cocoa-&-tea aspect of it. Metallic (especially gold) & lace are two trends that have been & will continue to make waves this fall. This scarf is a stellar combination of both. I've only discovered ash&dans recently, but their scarf collections are beautiful.

4 black & geometric ring // Keeping in step with the geometric trend, is this black & diamond ring by My Jewelry Box. It's masculine with its square shape and black stones mixed with more feminine diamonds & white sterling silver. This would be an amazing ring to add to any wardrobe because of its easy ability to be dressed up (it's shiny already!) or dressed down (with some boyish combat boots and oversized tee or flannel).

5 ombre & chambray shirt // The cowgirl in me is way into the chambray trend. I really like how this BDG shirt is also ombre, but in a subtle way. It's noticeable without being overdone, which is awesome. Matched with a dress and some Dr. Marten's or cowgirl boots - I'd rock this shirt for fall.

6 velvet & bowtie // Okay, the ultimate boyish chic item may be a bowtie & I have yet to try one with a buttondown blouse. This is something I'm hoping to attempt this autumn. Have you tried it before? I also don't have anything velvet (besides leotards from elementary school dance recitals), but I think I'm about ready to try it out, too. Why not try them together with this ASOS bowtie? I'm in.

7 booties & black // Finally, my favorite part about colder weather: the shoes. What better than these killer Jeffrey Campbell booties? Pretty much head over heels for these. The matte black and the wooden heel are a sweet combination to match just about anything from jeans to dresses. They also fall a bit into the military trend of this autumn: they're sleek & simple, but still have a great kick. 

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