Friday, August 24, 2012

falling for autumn: men's take.

Last week I did a women's edition of trends I'd like to rock this fall. Knowing I have a few guy readers, I thought it'd be fun to do a dude's version so here it is! Guys - if we went shopping together, these are the types of items I'd be making you try on...

1 watch // Yep, I'm into watches right now, especially dark, simple ones. I like the matte color of this one, as well as the distinct square face. It feels polished & bold, but in an effortless way. Nixon has a sweet watch collection that you can check out here.

leather jacket // I don't think a leather moto jacket ever goes out of style. Ever. It'll cost you a pretty penny, but I can promise that this is a staple item for your closet that's going to last. You can rock a moto jacket with many outfits, especially if you get one in black. It's versatile. It's warm. It's badass. It's durable. It's a smart buy and every guy (& girl!) should have one.

chambray shirt // I had the chambray shirt in the women's edition & I didn't think I'd be adding it to the men's, but... this is a pretty sweet shirt. It's a darker, dustier blue so it's rugged. (Fun fact for us fashion geeks: the blueish-black colors were featured in this fall's fashion week.) I also love the thread detailing that makes this shirt even more western. I'd suggest mismatching this shirt with any of the above items for a rougher look & rocking the cowboy look 'cause it's kick-ass.

4 action > words // This dogtag is hand-engraved from my latest collection. The miliatry-inspired tag is a reminder to do what you say you're going do & be a man of your word. There's a slew of other unisex tags online here, as well as a custom option where you can speak your own mind.

5 versatile boots // Like the moto jacket, boots are a staple item for your closet. You can wear them with your jeans tucked into the top for a stylish, rugged look. Or, don't tuck your pants in & the boot works as a dress shoe (& they'll keep you warm in winter).

To my guy readers - what would you like to see more of on this blog?
xx. Jillian

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