Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Tomorrow starts a month of amazing opportunity: I'm going to be traveling. I'll be cowgirling it up in Nashville with some girlfriends, then road tripping across Switzerland & France with my family. I'm incredibly excited & beyond blessed. Plus, I'll have some kick ass photos to post when I'm back.


Now to find a big enough suitcase...


  1. Well it certainly sounds like you will be having endless amounts of fun, but I will advise to not take a big suitcase you will curse the thing everywhere you have to lug it around!!!

  2. oh woow you also go to nashville! that's amazing! you should definitely go to B.B King's Club downtown, eat dinner and listen to some lovely blues / rock bands ;-)
    Cannot wait to see you in Switzerland! <333 :-D
    have so much fun!

  3. Aw so jealous! Hope you have lots of fun! xx


  4. so fun! :0) have a good time lovey!

  5. Im jealous! Road tripping in France?! Sounds like a dream! Have lots of fun!

  6. Oh my gosh that sounds fantastic, I'm so jealous! Just wandered across your blog, I wanted to stop by and say that I love your style! I'll definitely be following now! Hope you're having fun on your trip!

    49 Dresses

  7. SO JEALOUS! you better take some amazing photos! I cannot wait to see them! :) ENJOY your trip!

    andrea brionne

  8. Aww cool! Drop me an e-mail if you coming to Paris ;)


Thanks for making my day. Keep living in love. xx.

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