Friday, March 9, 2012

Dressing for a concert.

I went to see MuteMath last night with my brother & his best friend (bought them tickets for Christmas - Merry Christmas, bros!). I used to find dressing for concerts to be kind of tricky.. dress for style or for comfort? If you're anything like me, you like to move/dance/jump at shows. This is what I'd suggest:
  • Layers! It might be cold outside, but (if the show is) inside, it's probably a sweaty mess. Remember, you're going ot be standing really close to a mass amount of people in a crowd. Luckily, it was warm last night so there was no need to drag around a heavy coat.
  • Comfort: you're going to be moving around. You're going to want to be comfortable. I wore my jacket & a tee last night. Listen, concerts are dark &, chances are, you'll probably be sweating through most of it/rubbing up against people you wouldn't normally, so why wear something really nice or that you care about? I'm not saying go in sweats, but a tee is a pretty safe bet. 
  • And more comfort: shoes. You're going to be standing for a while. Boots & kicks are a smart choice. Wearing open toed shoes is probably not the best idea; people jumping around aren't thinking about whether or not your feet are safe. And if your feet let out at a concert, it's all over.
  • If you need to carry a purse, wear a cross body one & try to keep it light. You don't want to have to trudge a huge bag through a sea of people (or dance around with one). I like cross body because it evens out the weight and it feels safer to me. I can hold on to it without feeling like it's going to go flying off or get kicked around.
Have more suggestions? Leave 'em in the comments section! I'd love to read your thoughts on it.

Mutemath killed it last night. I wasn't a huge fan beforehand, but I have such an appreciation for them now (like the time I went to see Foo Fighters). They marched in with white lights & a drum beat (followed by the drummer duct taping his headphones to his head so he could go crazy)...

...and there was confetti (when is that not awesome?!)...

... and the lead singer surfed out over the crowd on an inflatable, lit up mattress-type-thing. It was sweet! The band has so much energy & it just resonates out throughout the whole venue. Love when musicians get so into their music that they just let loose. Passion truly shows when it's real. This show is definitely up there in my top live performances that I've seen. What's one of your favorites?

Cheers to the weekend,
xx. Jillian

jacket, Forever21 // tee, Lukcy Brand // jeans, Bullhead // boots, Nine West // bag, Steve Madden // scarf, shop in Paris


  1. how cool! cute outfit ;)

  2. How fun! You look super cute!


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