Friday, February 10, 2012

Spring fever picks - for dudes.

Here's my spring fever picks for guys (you can find my picks for girls here - next time I'll do more explaining for my female picks as well). I realize I have several male readers for my blog & I also know that I haven't done too much for men readers lately. My DSW picks had a great response from some of you so I'd really like to start touching base on more men's items, along with women's. So, for you dudes out there.. this is for you! Let me know your thoughts & if you'd like me to continue to focus on menswear more often.

1. Watch, Timex // I really like how this watch feels masculine & sleek with the all-over black, but then adds a color pop of neon green in the hand. The neon makes this watch instantly more interesting & feel fresher without being overtly in your face. Perfect for men's spring-wear.

2. Relaxed tee, Zara // This tee definitely looks comfortable & still collected. This green is a nice color pop without being an overly spring-y. It's subdued, which still makes it feel masculine. Plus, it reminds me of a safari & lions & adventure... what guy wouldn't want to emanate that?!

3. Fedora, Goorin Bros // This hat is seriously boyish chic. My brother has this hat - we got it on our trip to San Francisco last summer - & it is just as cool in person. You'd get much more wear out of this hat than you would a straw one because you could wear this hat fall up until spring & you could also dress this hat down (with a tee & jeans) or up (with a blazer). It's worth the pretty penny.

4. Sunglasses, Tumbleweeds // Okay, I'm dying for a pair of these myself, but I also think that they'd look rad on guys. The wooden frame feels really beachy (like a Woodie) & that feels like spring to me. Spring's all about getting ready for beach time. Tumbleweeds also has a pretty sweet blog which you should definitely check out.

5. Jacket, Electric // Military styled jackets are rockin' on both sexes. It's a total boyish chic item that I looooove. I think guys look manly in them & girls look stellar in them if you mix in some feminine accessories & shoes. This jacket seems lightweight & will have your springing from your heavyweight winter coat into warmer temperatures.

6. Leather & twine cuff, Urban Outfitters // The khaki color and braid are very summery, which make this bracelet a perfect accessory for springtime.

7. Sneakers, Bass // These are pretty sweet because they hint at being boat shoes, without actually being boat shoes. If you're not ready to prep out on boat shoes, start with these sneakers... They're an awesome alternative. The canvas is perfect for spring in that it's lightweight & light colored.

8. Backpack, Quiksilver // If you're commuting to work or in school & not a messenger-bag-type-guy, then this backpack is a sweet choice for spring. The bright blue insinuates blue skies & summertime, while the gray tones it down & keeps it masculine.

9. Canvas satchel, ASOS // And if you are a messenger-bag-type-guy, this bag looks awesome. The yellow is spring-y without being a pastel. It still feels fresh & masculine because it has a hint of gray in it.

10. Longboard, Globe // What speaks spring/summer more than a long/skateboard?! I'm diggin' the imagery on this one & the orange wheels add a nice color pop for spring. A guy who can ride a board... pretty attractive in my book. I'll also take one of these boards, please!

11. Pants, Volcom // Also attractive, is a guy confident enough to rock shades of pink. These pants, I agree, would be tricky to wear. You'd need to match them with a manly feeling top - like a dark gray tee. Again, think boyish chic (works for men, too!): if one part of your outfit feels slightly feminine/chic (color), then make it more boyish by adding in a masculine accessory (like boots like this or this).
12. Shirt, Jedidiah // All around nice looking shirt that you could wear out at night, business casual for day or for daily wears outside of the office. The lighter blue is a nice airy color that will feel refreshing in spring.

I think spring fever for menswear is all about the element of surprise. The majority of guys don't want to walk around covered head to toe in pastels (& I'm definitely not suggesting you do) so instead, I suggest adding in small pops of color into your regular wardrobe. Spring fever is all about getting pumped for summer, which means it's just about having fun with your daily wears, even if it's just in little ways like adding a neon color pop here or there. We've all been sitting inside all winter &, I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get cabin fever; bringing some color into my outfits makes this winter cold a little happier & less exhausting. Just because you can't be at the beach right now, doesn't mean you can't start hinting like that's where you're headed... soon!

Think you'll try to rock spring fever the next few months?
xx. Jillian


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