Thursday, February 2, 2012

Outraged: on degrading people (including your own gender).

via Sometimes Sweet
I'm posting double today because I just came across this unfortunate & sad article about how women's beauty is skin deep... written by another woman. This article was written to knock tattoos & calls them "unnecessary" (since when is self expression unnecessary?), but in its essence, the article completely degrades the entire gender of women - tattooed or not. Khoury claims "a more productive use" of women's time than self expression is to get our nails done, look pretty & have "guys drool over us"? Seriously? Where is the "importance of values & morals" in that? Completely frustrated, but happy to see women AND men standing up to this stereotypical view of what beauty is. Beauty starts within.

Read the original article here, but also please read the awesome, intelligent rebuttal of Sometimes Sweet's Danielle Hampton that stands up for women & people in general.

xx. Jillian
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  1. I just read the article..WOWW.
    Being a feminist myself, meaning I believe in equal opportunity for women and men [I'm not waving my burning bra in the front yard], my first critique is why are only women being addressed? Why is it not okay for females to express themselves through tattoos, but apparently it is for men [I'm assuming since they're not mentioned..not once except that they "drool" over us..which I think is kind of degrading]?
    In addition, I completely agree with what you mentioned. Um, doing our nails? Yoga?!?! A new hairstyle?!??! Please. What about learning a new language? Or volunteering our time? Or educating people on traditional gender roles and how they contribute to women's oppression even in modern society [glass ceiling anyone?]?
    So, regardless of whether getting a tattoo is okay or not [which personally I think it's a personal choice..I have one so I've decided], the scolding should not be directed to only one gender. And if the scolding is necessary [hey, it's personal expression..everyone may have their own opinion], the alternative should be options that actually make a powerful impact in the world.
    Okay, I'm done writing my book. Pretty long first comment!! But, I'm passionate about these kinds of things..gender roles, women's rights [I hope that doesn't freak you out, I'm really logical and normal..promise]. Thanks for posting such an interesting commentary!


Thanks for making my day. Keep living in love. xx.

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