Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar fashion recap.

There were some best dressed & some not-so-lovely dressed people on the red carpet last night at the Academy Awards, but some of the best really blew it out of the water for me.  

*All images via
E! or Just Jared.
1 Jessica Chastain: bombshell. This Alexander McQueen gown is stunning & my favorite of the night. The embroidery of it & the fit - in love with this dress... & Jessica's red hair. 

2 Rooney Mara - I don't know that anybody else could pull of this whole look, but it just fits her image so amazingly. It's dark & edgy without being a full black dress, which is what she's usually wearing. This was a refreshing change for her, while still keeping with who she is. 

3 Michelle Williams looked lovely. The color of her dress is what made it for me. The fit was perfect & overall it was really a playful/feminine dress, making it stand out as really youthful on this carpet. There needed to be some more of that last night.

4 Maya Rudolph's dress was beautiful on her. It was form fitting in all the right ways & she really wore it stunningly. I don't know that the belt on the front of the dress was necessary, but the shoulder & back detailing were amazing.

5 Kate Hudson in this flapper-esque dress looks effortless with her beachy hair. I'm really liking the shape & lines of this dress. It definitely could have been more formal for the Oscars, but I still think she looked pretty amazing.

6 Lily Collins - this dress is amaaazing! It's unlike anything else someone wore tonight & feels formal enough for the Oscars, but  not overdone. I love the lines & sheer at the top.
Some of the men really shined last night, too. Pretty obsessed with bowties so red carpet gigs for menswear make me really happy. Haha! These men rocked it:
1 Gerard Butler just looks suave. His tux seems not over the top or anything usual, but it just works. Classic works.

2 Christopher Plummer in velvet - heck yes. That man can rock velvet. It looks like a midnight blue, which is a nice step away from black. He looks classy & astute & he makes me want to go to a jazz club (preferably with him).

3 I'm always a sucker for Robert Downey Jr. This silver bwtie with the charcoal jacket is different, refreshing & still looks chic. This is one man that can pull off going a bit edgier, while still keeping it classy. And his glasses... leave me speechless. Sigh.

4. Jonah Hill - work it dude! This is the suavest I've seen him look. He is rockin' that tux & I'm really actually diggin' the midnight blue & black combo, which I'm usually not crazy about. He's looking good.

Who was your favorite best dressed?
xx. Jillian

P.S. Check out the eco-friendly fashion that hit the red carpet here. Pretty sweet to see this happening & I'd love to see more of it. I find it really interesting to see how eco-friendly apparel can be made & how it can replace other gowns & still look amazing. Live in love.

P.P.S. Thank you to Shelby of Chasing Birdies for giving me a blog award. You rock! 


  1. Ok this is kind of ridiculous but would you believe that these are the first oscar photos i've seen?!? love Michelle William's dress!

  2. love it! i got too busy to watch the oscars last night, so i'm glad for the recap. thanks for your sweet comment today, too! now following : ]

  3. Somehow I missed this amazing dress worn by Lilly Collins!!!!

  4. such pretty outfits during the oscars! i want to go just as an excuse for a gown! Rooney looked incredible...lets be honest...ugh lover her.


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