Wednesday, February 29, 2012


One of my closest friends is a truly talented makeup artist. Wyld Beauty decided to glam me out the other night & this is what came out of it (my bad eye cam does not do her makeup job justice):

I love me some makeup, but I'm definitely not a makeup pro. I hardly go beyond a cat eye for a night out because, you know me, I don't like feeling overdone. But I have to say, Wyld Beauty did her thing & took my makeup to the next level. She also did the makeup for the my Remedy shoot this past fall:

Wyld Beauty is one incredible artist & person. If you're looking for makeup tips, tools, & photos check out her beauty blog here. Feel free to ask her any beauty questions you might have. You'll be sure to get one kick ass, helpful & informative answer.


In other events, I finished Onward this week by Howard Schultz, the ceo of Starbucks. Okay, this book was amazing. I loved every part of it. Schultz writes about how to keep the company alive without losing it's soul. This book is a must read for business owners (& blog business owners!). Yes, there's a lot of coffee talk, but it goes way beyond that. It's filled with passion & illustrates the real life story of how to run a business, while still sticking to your guns & who you are. As a (very small) business owner myself, I totally relate to how difficult it is to stay true to your roots & not just do things for the sale. It's important to remain grounded & remember why you started your business in the first place. I really suggest reading this book!

Here's to the leap year. What are you doing with your extra day?
xx. Jillian

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