Monday, February 20, 2012

My thoughts & favorite looks from NYFW.

NYFW Fall 2012 has come to an end, sadly. There were some really amazing collections for fall (even though I'm still just really excited for summer). I was also really excited to come across this article in my newspaper (NJ Star Ledger) from earlier this week about a new model alliance being put into action by Sara Ziff. Ziff is a model, herself, & created this organization called The Model Alliance, which has the potential to "fend off abuses" in the modeling industry. Basically, it will keep designers/agents in check and make sure models are staying healthy.

Now, I'm by no means a model, nor have I ever experienced what it's like to work in this industry so really I have no idea what goes on within it. However, I can see from the consumer side how thin models have gotten and how unhealthy some of them look. I know what too thin is, having had an eating disorder in high school (you'd never be able to tell now, haha! No, but for real, it's a serious topic & I did get healthy with a lot of determination, faith & professional help). I'm by no means an expert, but I've lived through it so I have an idea. All that to say, it gives me relief to know that The Model Alliance may keep certain people healthy, in check & alive. I'm really hoping we see more full bodied figures on the runway someday soon to set the example that too skinny is also just as harmful as obese.

On the runway this year, I did notice a lot of red, black, military green & simple, form-fitted silhouettes. Also, there was a lot of leather & fur in some collections this season (heyoh, ready for fall), which I wasn't too happy to see, although I'm hoping most of it was faux. Suzanne Rae & one of my faves, Rachel Zoe, used faux fur, which is a stellar move on their part to set a good example. I just really feel that faux fur looks almost identical to real, so why not go faux & be animal-friendly (I'm sure it's also more cost effective)? Look how "maaaj" (RZ would be proud) it looks:

Rachel Zoe uses faux fur. Images via LA Times.
After taking a look through many of the beautiful & amazing collections*, I picked out my favorite looks that I would choose to wear on a red carpet or if I were a billionaire (wishful thinking!). I'm always impressed by the runway & it's an awesome way to pull inspiration for daily wears - even if you can't afford runway looks (I definitely can't... maybe someday).

*All runway photographs below are not mine & are credited to Vogue Magazine &

Love almost all designs by the above designs. I was hoping for more of that twirly fabric Siriano is known for, but really loved his rocker looks, nonetheless. Can you say boyish chic? So fierce.
I love everything Alice + Olivia. Also boyish chic. Dream to afford it one day.
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Zac Posen's dresses are beautiful. Victoria Beckham's streamline silhouettes & sharp collars are amazing. I love her fashion sense & her clothing always has an edge to it, which I love. Again, the collars, boots & colors are definitely boyish chic.
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Derek Lam's use of lace & collars is so chic. I love this purple color dress here, too, & this floral handbag.
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My goodness, Oscar de la Renta's runway was whimsical & refreshing with some retro touches. I adored the blues - beyond uplifting in all the more serious colors of other runways. The hair styling was spot on & also retro-inspired. I just think his collection is pure fun. And this last dress, which he called his "swan lake dress" is amazingly adorable. I could totally see a young actress like Hailee Steinfeld in this on the red carpet.
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Jason Wu surprised me this year - it wasn't what I was expecting, but I still loved it.
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Donna Karan stunned me. I loved her looks from the sheer to the structured silhouettes to these hats. The looks were really cohesive from top to bottom. She channeled a retro look that created this character of a woman. I don't know why, but I picture her being a spy. Haha! This was one of my favorite collections.
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Ahhh, Marchesa... Whimsical, magical & beautiful. The way the sequined, lace 'vines' grew over the model laid over this sheer fabric - was just so creative & lovely. I can see all of these on the red carpet & I can't wait to. This collection feels like it was made for a dreamland setting. I'm completely swept away by it.
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*All runway photographs are not mine & are credited to Vogue Magazine &

I'm hoping to get into the city again for the Spring 2013 NYFW this upcoming fall. I'll bring my SLR & take some street style photos, which I've really been wanting to do. Definitely going in for FNO like I did this past fall, but going to remember my external flash this time! For sure. Haha.
What were your favorite looks?
xx. Jillian


  1. I love Oscar de la Renta and Derek lam the best, so good!

  2. love all of these choices! you have such a great blog - just found you through AwkGirls. Definitely a new follower!

    C |

  3. This is exactly what I needed, a fashion week overview. I'm somewhat enamored by the industry, but at the same time overwhelmed by it. So, this is a nice reprieve from the information overflow I've encountered. Maybe one day I'll make it to NYFW .. hopefully. And hopefully when I do, the models will be a littler fuller. One day..

  4. Oh my gosh! So beautiful! I have not had time to catch up on NYFW and now I feel like I did. Thanks for posting!

    Keep in touch?

    Eau de Violet


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