Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Inspire me: magazine edition.

I stumbled upon March's edition of InStyle magazine yesterday & got really inspired by some of the ads & photoshoots. Some of the color palettes were really beautiful & there were also a lot of boyish chic inspirations, which will be fun to pull from. I also just really like some of the imagery. I give myself morning challenges several times a week to pick an image & draw it. It gives me practice getting back into really drawing, since I spend a lot of time either on the computer or creating jewelry. I love to get back to the raw & organic. I also have significant trouble drawing lips so it helps to practice it so I can master it... one day! Hope this imagery* inspires you too...
*all images via InStyle Magazine.
Loved this retro photo shoot. Beautiful shots/fashion/makeup.
Left:  I'll use this as one of my exercises (7 for all Mankind ad).  // Right: Spring fever colors & retro looks (Kate Spade ad)
Left: Summer colors, rustic texture... love this!  //  Right: Men with puppies are on a whole other level.
Left: Menswear inspiration: cool, simple & effortless. (JBrand ad) // Right: Love this color palette.
Adore Jennifer Aniston & her moto boots.
Beautiful imagery in a greenhouse & incredible Emilio Pucci dress!
What's inspiring you this week?
xx. Jillian


  1. awesome inspiration!

  2. definitely very inspiring! adore the first and last shots!!
    oh, and thank you oh so much for the beautiful letter you sent me the other day. a total surprise and i LOOOOVED it!
    xo TJ


Thanks for making my day. Keep living in love. xx.

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