Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How do you live in love?

Let's keep this week of love going: by showing love to my stellar, February sponsors.
This month I've been blessed with a bunch of amazing sponsors! Thank you for supporting Boyish Chic. It really means so much to me. I've carried over some sponsors from last month, but I also have some new ones so be sure to check them out below. If you'd like to become a sponsor for March, please click here. I'm also available to do reviews of items that I can style to also fit into the Boyish Chic aesthetic.

For February, I asked each sponsor to send me a photo of themselves doing something that they
love. It's really stellar to see what each sponsor sent in! I also asked them the following: It may be the month of Valentine's Day, but love extends beyond this holiday... I'd love to know how you live in love in your everyday life?  

How do you live in love in your everyday life?
"Because it's Valentine's Day, Jillian asked us to talk about how we live in love in our everyday lives! We love this because there's so many opportunities to show people you love them even when it isn't Valentine's Day. Because we're best friends, we wanted to share how we show our love for each other. The best thing about our friendship is the fact that we've always been there for each other. Whether it's venting about boys, dealing with the stress of college together, or just laughing over stupid youtube videos and stuffing our faces with cupcakes. We think the best way to show love to another is to just let them know you're always there. Life is hard, but it's a heck of a lot easier when you have someone you know you can turn to."
Madison and Lauren of Awkward Girls

How do you live in love in your everyday life?
"I try to live in love everyday by doing the little things: playing with my son, making my husband his favorite meal, visiting a friend, sending an email. I have also really tried hard to learn to love myself so that I have the strength I need to then in turn help others. I have found that when I feel better about myself, helping others comes naturally. So that has been my #1 goal this year!"

"Photo of me and my husband being adventurous in the great outdoors-- hiking is a favorite!"

How do you live in love in your everyday life?
"Showing love should definitely extend to every day of the year, not just Valentine's Day. I try to put those words into action by doing little things: putting notes in my husbands cooler for work when I make his lunch, buying dog treats at the store for the puppy, and feeding the baby that's growing inside of me with healthy foods :)"

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"I realize I’m not “doing” anything here but this was taken while traveling in Spain with my best friend and that is one thing I love to do – travel and spend time with my friends!)"

How do you live in love in your everyday life?
hubby and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day but one thing that we do together to live out love in our everyday life is working with the youth group at our church! As the youth director, my hubby is somewhat obligated to do this but I really enjoy helping him out and hanging out with them when they meet! My life has been blessed in so many ways by them!"
Skye of thumbprint designs

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How do you live in love in your everyday life?
"I live in love everyday by remembering to take in the little moments with my daughter and boyfriend. Even if it's blowing bubbles in the bath tub or an extra kiss before Cory leaves for work, we make sure to remind each other how much love we have for one another."

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How do you live in love in your everyday life?
"I just try to do the little things. Be friendly to whoever you encounter, regardless of who they are. One friendly person can go a long way in someone's day, giving them the energy to push through whatever is before them. I try to be that friendly person whenever I can."
Jason of Dogwood 
(This band is made up of two members: Jason Pfund & Nick Bowden)

"I LOVE going to Disneyland! I grew up 45 minutes away from the most happy, magical, fantasy-filled place on Earth and was able to frequent it often. Makes me happy to be there with friends and family :)"

How do you live in love in your everyday life?

"I know that I can feel more love towards people in general if I am able to serve them. Whether that be doing the dishes before my husband gets home, or helping a woman with groceries when she has a crying baby, or going out of my way to be involved with family and friends. A phone call and a simple note can go a long ways people!"
Bri of Breezy Days


"I love getting to hang out with friends; I don't alot. This is me & my friend Dani at a dance."

How do you live in love in your everyday life?
"I love to write. Writing means so much to me. It helps me express my feelings."
Abbi of True Blue Abbi

How do you live in love in your everyday life?
"I don't have a significant other or anything, but how could I live without love? I have a wonderful family and friends who are always there for me and I love them all, dearly."
Gentri of Gentri Lee

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