Wednesday, February 29, 2012


One of my closest friends is a truly talented makeup artist. Wyld Beauty decided to glam me out the other night & this is what came out of it (my bad eye cam does not do her makeup job justice):

I love me some makeup, but I'm definitely not a makeup pro. I hardly go beyond a cat eye for a night out because, you know me, I don't like feeling overdone. But I have to say, Wyld Beauty did her thing & took my makeup to the next level. She also did the makeup for the my Remedy shoot this past fall:

Wyld Beauty is one incredible artist & person. If you're looking for makeup tips, tools, & photos check out her beauty blog here. Feel free to ask her any beauty questions you might have. You'll be sure to get one kick ass, helpful & informative answer.


In other events, I finished Onward this week by Howard Schultz, the ceo of Starbucks. Okay, this book was amazing. I loved every part of it. Schultz writes about how to keep the company alive without losing it's soul. This book is a must read for business owners (& blog business owners!). Yes, there's a lot of coffee talk, but it goes way beyond that. It's filled with passion & illustrates the real life story of how to run a business, while still sticking to your guns & who you are. As a (very small) business owner myself, I totally relate to how difficult it is to stay true to your roots & not just do things for the sale. It's important to remain grounded & remember why you started your business in the first place. I really suggest reading this book!

Here's to the leap year. What are you doing with your extra day?
xx. Jillian

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar fashion recap.

There were some best dressed & some not-so-lovely dressed people on the red carpet last night at the Academy Awards, but some of the best really blew it out of the water for me.  

*All images via
E! or Just Jared.
1 Jessica Chastain: bombshell. This Alexander McQueen gown is stunning & my favorite of the night. The embroidery of it & the fit - in love with this dress... & Jessica's red hair. 

2 Rooney Mara - I don't know that anybody else could pull of this whole look, but it just fits her image so amazingly. It's dark & edgy without being a full black dress, which is what she's usually wearing. This was a refreshing change for her, while still keeping with who she is. 

3 Michelle Williams looked lovely. The color of her dress is what made it for me. The fit was perfect & overall it was really a playful/feminine dress, making it stand out as really youthful on this carpet. There needed to be some more of that last night.

4 Maya Rudolph's dress was beautiful on her. It was form fitting in all the right ways & she really wore it stunningly. I don't know that the belt on the front of the dress was necessary, but the shoulder & back detailing were amazing.

5 Kate Hudson in this flapper-esque dress looks effortless with her beachy hair. I'm really liking the shape & lines of this dress. It definitely could have been more formal for the Oscars, but I still think she looked pretty amazing.

6 Lily Collins - this dress is amaaazing! It's unlike anything else someone wore tonight & feels formal enough for the Oscars, but  not overdone. I love the lines & sheer at the top.
Some of the men really shined last night, too. Pretty obsessed with bowties so red carpet gigs for menswear make me really happy. Haha! These men rocked it:
1 Gerard Butler just looks suave. His tux seems not over the top or anything usual, but it just works. Classic works.

2 Christopher Plummer in velvet - heck yes. That man can rock velvet. It looks like a midnight blue, which is a nice step away from black. He looks classy & astute & he makes me want to go to a jazz club (preferably with him).

3 I'm always a sucker for Robert Downey Jr. This silver bwtie with the charcoal jacket is different, refreshing & still looks chic. This is one man that can pull off going a bit edgier, while still keeping it classy. And his glasses... leave me speechless. Sigh.

4. Jonah Hill - work it dude! This is the suavest I've seen him look. He is rockin' that tux & I'm really actually diggin' the midnight blue & black combo, which I'm usually not crazy about. He's looking good.

Who was your favorite best dressed?
xx. Jillian

P.S. Check out the eco-friendly fashion that hit the red carpet here. Pretty sweet to see this happening & I'd love to see more of it. I find it really interesting to see how eco-friendly apparel can be made & how it can replace other gowns & still look amazing. Live in love.

P.P.S. Thank you to Shelby of Chasing Birdies for giving me a blog award. You rock! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Inspire me.

Happy Friday! Here's what's been inspiring me this week....

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1 Memento watch /// I really like how nostalgic stopwatches feel - & this one made from wood?! Amazing.
2 DIY chevron nails /// Yes, please! Totally diggin' these colors too. Really want to try this.
3 geek chic /// This Teen Vogue blogger has some awesome style! Really diggin' her geek chic looks.
4 Ink /// Really summery color & I love the lines of movement.
5 block type /// Love the collage feeling & this typeface.
6 starfish hair /// So pretty & creative! Making me crave the beach...
7 Olsen // Effortless style & ease.
8 Channing Tatum // The Vow, anyone? Tatum's effortless style is so sweet. Love the skinny tie mixed with a rugged leather jacket. This is how men do boysih chic.
9 ampersand /// Always love the feeling that wood gives: all natural. It reminds me of the beach/driftwood. & I just love me some ampersand (total design geek, I know).
I'm off to DC for a road trip to visit a friend!
Here's to the weekend.
xx. Jillian

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seeing hearts.

boyish: black jean jacket & military green
chic: heart tights, dress, braid & fuschia lipstick
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I love wearing dresses, but only if I can make them slightly boyish (surprise, surprise!). Cue the black jean jacket. I got this jacket while in Paris (from an H&M, but hey! It's still Parisian...). It's one of my favorites because of where it comes from & the memories it brings back of sitting in cafes to people watch, eating baguette & croissants, waiting for the Eiffel Tower to light up at midnight, ogling at scooters & lusting over French fashion. If you think American clothes are expensive, wait until you go to Europe & realize that not only is everything more expensive, but it's also in Euros. Not a good exchange for US travelers! Haha. But, the H&Ms were still decently priced, thankfully. 

Lipstick can bring any outfit to a whole new level & give it a whole new feel.
Going to do a little experiment to show you how soon...

The outfit itself is a little on the dark side, so I wanted to brighten the look up. I used fuschia lipstick, a turquoise bracelet from my shop & coral nail polish. I love the darker colors, but in winter, I need some happy colors.

Speaking of happy, it's almost the weekend & I can't wait. Headed on a road trip...
What are your plans for the weekend?
xx. Jillian

jacket, H&M /// dress, Be Bop /// lipstick, Mac in Gaga lustre & Covergirl in divine /// nail polish, essie /// heart & hematite bracelet, my Remedy /// black bracelet, Forever21 /// tights, PacSun /// boots, Khombu

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunday brunch.

chic: sheer, polka dot blouse // boyish: military green suede
blouse, kirra // tank & boots, unknown // jeans, levi's // bag, Steve Madden //
cuff, Forever21 // ring, my Remedy
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peacoat, Delia's
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Went out to brunch on Sunday with one of my good friends, Catherine. We went to a restaurant called Food. ...And their food is delicious. The restaurant is also really mod in its design. Next time, I'll have to take some photos of the inside. We both had french toast & I had this yummy cup of heaven:
Mmmm.. hello, sunshine.
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The always lovely & gorgeous Catherine who was also rockin' her my Remedy scarf. Love her! 
I worked the rest of the day, but really enjoyed my time spent with a good friend & thankful for those little moments that make all the difference. Girl dates rule. So does good food. Having more coffee as I post this.. cheers to a good week!
xx. Jillian

Monday, February 20, 2012

My thoughts & favorite looks from NYFW.

NYFW Fall 2012 has come to an end, sadly. There were some really amazing collections for fall (even though I'm still just really excited for summer). I was also really excited to come across this article in my newspaper (NJ Star Ledger) from earlier this week about a new model alliance being put into action by Sara Ziff. Ziff is a model, herself, & created this organization called The Model Alliance, which has the potential to "fend off abuses" in the modeling industry. Basically, it will keep designers/agents in check and make sure models are staying healthy.

Now, I'm by no means a model, nor have I ever experienced what it's like to work in this industry so really I have no idea what goes on within it. However, I can see from the consumer side how thin models have gotten and how unhealthy some of them look. I know what too thin is, having had an eating disorder in high school (you'd never be able to tell now, haha! No, but for real, it's a serious topic & I did get healthy with a lot of determination, faith & professional help). I'm by no means an expert, but I've lived through it so I have an idea. All that to say, it gives me relief to know that The Model Alliance may keep certain people healthy, in check & alive. I'm really hoping we see more full bodied figures on the runway someday soon to set the example that too skinny is also just as harmful as obese.

On the runway this year, I did notice a lot of red, black, military green & simple, form-fitted silhouettes. Also, there was a lot of leather & fur in some collections this season (heyoh, ready for fall), which I wasn't too happy to see, although I'm hoping most of it was faux. Suzanne Rae & one of my faves, Rachel Zoe, used faux fur, which is a stellar move on their part to set a good example. I just really feel that faux fur looks almost identical to real, so why not go faux & be animal-friendly (I'm sure it's also more cost effective)? Look how "maaaj" (RZ would be proud) it looks:

Rachel Zoe uses faux fur. Images via LA Times.
After taking a look through many of the beautiful & amazing collections*, I picked out my favorite looks that I would choose to wear on a red carpet or if I were a billionaire (wishful thinking!). I'm always impressed by the runway & it's an awesome way to pull inspiration for daily wears - even if you can't afford runway looks (I definitely can't... maybe someday).

*All runway photographs below are not mine & are credited to Vogue Magazine &

Love almost all designs by the above designs. I was hoping for more of that twirly fabric Siriano is known for, but really loved his rocker looks, nonetheless. Can you say boyish chic? So fierce.
I love everything Alice + Olivia. Also boyish chic. Dream to afford it one day.
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Zac Posen's dresses are beautiful. Victoria Beckham's streamline silhouettes & sharp collars are amazing. I love her fashion sense & her clothing always has an edge to it, which I love. Again, the collars, boots & colors are definitely boyish chic.
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Derek Lam's use of lace & collars is so chic. I love this purple color dress here, too, & this floral handbag.
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My goodness, Oscar de la Renta's runway was whimsical & refreshing with some retro touches. I adored the blues - beyond uplifting in all the more serious colors of other runways. The hair styling was spot on & also retro-inspired. I just think his collection is pure fun. And this last dress, which he called his "swan lake dress" is amazingly adorable. I could totally see a young actress like Hailee Steinfeld in this on the red carpet.
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Jason Wu surprised me this year - it wasn't what I was expecting, but I still loved it.
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Donna Karan stunned me. I loved her looks from the sheer to the structured silhouettes to these hats. The looks were really cohesive from top to bottom. She channeled a retro look that created this character of a woman. I don't know why, but I picture her being a spy. Haha! This was one of my favorite collections.
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Ahhh, Marchesa... Whimsical, magical & beautiful. The way the sequined, lace 'vines' grew over the model laid over this sheer fabric - was just so creative & lovely. I can see all of these on the red carpet & I can't wait to. This collection feels like it was made for a dreamland setting. I'm completely swept away by it.
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*All runway photographs are not mine & are credited to Vogue Magazine &

I'm hoping to get into the city again for the Spring 2013 NYFW this upcoming fall. I'll bring my SLR & take some street style photos, which I've really been wanting to do. Definitely going in for FNO like I did this past fall, but going to remember my external flash this time! For sure. Haha.
What were your favorite looks?
xx. Jillian

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Inspire me: magazine edition.

I stumbled upon March's edition of InStyle magazine yesterday & got really inspired by some of the ads & photoshoots. Some of the color palettes were really beautiful & there were also a lot of boyish chic inspirations, which will be fun to pull from. I also just really like some of the imagery. I give myself morning challenges several times a week to pick an image & draw it. It gives me practice getting back into really drawing, since I spend a lot of time either on the computer or creating jewelry. I love to get back to the raw & organic. I also have significant trouble drawing lips so it helps to practice it so I can master it... one day! Hope this imagery* inspires you too...
*all images via InStyle Magazine.
Loved this retro photo shoot. Beautiful shots/fashion/makeup.
Left:  I'll use this as one of my exercises (7 for all Mankind ad).  // Right: Spring fever colors & retro looks (Kate Spade ad)
Left: Summer colors, rustic texture... love this!  //  Right: Men with puppies are on a whole other level.
Left: Menswear inspiration: cool, simple & effortless. (JBrand ad) // Right: Love this color palette.
Adore Jennifer Aniston & her moto boots.
Beautiful imagery in a greenhouse & incredible Emilio Pucci dress!
What's inspiring you this week?
xx. Jillian

How do you live in love?

Let's keep this week of love going: by showing love to my stellar, February sponsors.
This month I've been blessed with a bunch of amazing sponsors! Thank you for supporting Boyish Chic. It really means so much to me. I've carried over some sponsors from last month, but I also have some new ones so be sure to check them out below. If you'd like to become a sponsor for March, please click here. I'm also available to do reviews of items that I can style to also fit into the Boyish Chic aesthetic.

For February, I asked each sponsor to send me a photo of themselves doing something that they
love. It's really stellar to see what each sponsor sent in! I also asked them the following: It may be the month of Valentine's Day, but love extends beyond this holiday... I'd love to know how you live in love in your everyday life?  

How do you live in love in your everyday life?
"Because it's Valentine's Day, Jillian asked us to talk about how we live in love in our everyday lives! We love this because there's so many opportunities to show people you love them even when it isn't Valentine's Day. Because we're best friends, we wanted to share how we show our love for each other. The best thing about our friendship is the fact that we've always been there for each other. Whether it's venting about boys, dealing with the stress of college together, or just laughing over stupid youtube videos and stuffing our faces with cupcakes. We think the best way to show love to another is to just let them know you're always there. Life is hard, but it's a heck of a lot easier when you have someone you know you can turn to."
Madison and Lauren of Awkward Girls

How do you live in love in your everyday life?
"I try to live in love everyday by doing the little things: playing with my son, making my husband his favorite meal, visiting a friend, sending an email. I have also really tried hard to learn to love myself so that I have the strength I need to then in turn help others. I have found that when I feel better about myself, helping others comes naturally. So that has been my #1 goal this year!"

"Photo of me and my husband being adventurous in the great outdoors-- hiking is a favorite!"

How do you live in love in your everyday life?
"Showing love should definitely extend to every day of the year, not just Valentine's Day. I try to put those words into action by doing little things: putting notes in my husbands cooler for work when I make his lunch, buying dog treats at the store for the puppy, and feeding the baby that's growing inside of me with healthy foods :)"

Blog // Facebook // Twitter // BlogLovin'

"I realize I’m not “doing” anything here but this was taken while traveling in Spain with my best friend and that is one thing I love to do – travel and spend time with my friends!)"

How do you live in love in your everyday life?
hubby and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day but one thing that we do together to live out love in our everyday life is working with the youth group at our church! As the youth director, my hubby is somewhat obligated to do this but I really enjoy helping him out and hanging out with them when they meet! My life has been blessed in so many ways by them!"
Skye of thumbprint designs

SPECIAL: "I am offering a discount code to my reader/shoppers for 10% off using the code GRAND10 at checkout!"

lsu note cards

blog // shop // twitter // facebook // pinterest
How do you live in love in your everyday life?
"I live in love everyday by remembering to take in the little moments with my daughter and boyfriend. Even if it's blowing bubbles in the bath tub or an extra kiss before Cory leaves for work, we make sure to remind each other how much love we have for one another."

Blog // Twitter // Facebook

How do you live in love in your everyday life?
"I just try to do the little things. Be friendly to whoever you encounter, regardless of who they are. One friendly person can go a long way in someone's day, giving them the energy to push through whatever is before them. I try to be that friendly person whenever I can."
Jason of Dogwood 
(This band is made up of two members: Jason Pfund & Nick Bowden)

"I LOVE going to Disneyland! I grew up 45 minutes away from the most happy, magical, fantasy-filled place on Earth and was able to frequent it often. Makes me happy to be there with friends and family :)"

How do you live in love in your everyday life?

"I know that I can feel more love towards people in general if I am able to serve them. Whether that be doing the dishes before my husband gets home, or helping a woman with groceries when she has a crying baby, or going out of my way to be involved with family and friends. A phone call and a simple note can go a long ways people!"
Bri of Breezy Days


"I love getting to hang out with friends; I don't alot. This is me & my friend Dani at a dance."

How do you live in love in your everyday life?
"I love to write. Writing means so much to me. It helps me express my feelings."
Abbi of True Blue Abbi

How do you live in love in your everyday life?
"I don't have a significant other or anything, but how could I live without love? I have a wonderful family and friends who are always there for me and I love them all, dearly."
Gentri of Gentri Lee

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Celebrating YOU this Val/Gal/Guyentine's Day with...

Cookies I made for Galentine's Day. Yep - a day dedicated to showing my girls some love.
Happy Val/Gal/Guyentine's Day! 
As I said in my guest post on Catherine's blog, I believe that every day is Valentine's Day. Every day should be lived in love - showing kindness to the world around you. That being said, I think Valentine's Day is a fun reminder to show your significant other that love (& not necessarily through the showering of gifts; you'd be surprised how much a simple I love you or I appreciate you matters). And I think a day about love goes beyond your significant other & extends to your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, pets... it's a day about love. You don't need to have a significant other to celebrate love.

In honor of that belief, please read the following & enjoy the discount I'd like to offer all of you, friends, for your lovely & amazing support...

Shop my Remedy.
My mommypie & I got a little silly with our cookie creations.... Hahahah <3.

Enjoy your day of living in love, 
xx. Jillian

Monday, February 13, 2012

What to wear for Valentine's Day // Guest post by Catherine

I wasn't able to go to the IFB Conference last week, but I was able to watch it on live stream (which was awesome & saved me $100) & participate in the live chat with other bloggers who also weren't able to make it in person. I had the pleasure of talking with some fun ladies who share a similar love for fashion as I do, so we decided to help each other out with some guest posts. Today, Catherine of Indulgence is Simple sent over her guest post. Hope you enjoy it below! 

Check out my guest post on her page here about DIY gifts for your friends for GALentine's Day.
xx. Jillian


Hey guys! I'm Catherine, author and creator of Indulgence is Simple.  I know way too much about flying, farming, and fashion.  My blog is a diary of my outfits and lifestyle routine of a fashion obsessed college gal.  I've always loved love, which makes me obsessed with the chocolate, cheer, flowers, and everything to do with everyone's favorite holiday, Valentines Day.  Although all the love in the air is nice...we both know what I look forward to the most: dressing up.  Whether it be with your girlfriends or your boo, don't be afraid to rock heels and sequins this Tuesday.

top, jacket, lips (russian red), 

girlfriends night out: karaoke. wine night. tacos and margaritas. card night. movie night (the vow). cookie exchange. or just plain go out.

This year, when you're tearing up the dance floor or at the karaoke bar, wear a casual outfit where the ensemble still shines with or without the jacket.  A fun tank that can stand alone or with the rockin' sequins is the way to go this tuesday! ...and since you're with the girls, wear the fake eyelashes loud and proud! 

night out with the boo: bowling. movie (the vow). make dinner together. get take out and cuddle up in comfy pajamas (here). hit up the downtown. go to a game. video game (mario kart) night anyone?

With the boo, I would go with sweet and subtle make up to compliment a feminine dress or top.  I'm all about statement pieces, so I think the collared top or bright necklace is the way to go! (P.O.C.) 

Thank you so much for the Valentines Day guest blog!  I hope you all check out my blog and continue to subscribe to boyish chic! 

Happy Valentines Day! 
Catherine from Indulgence is Simple

Friday, February 10, 2012

Spring fever picks - for dudes.

Here's my spring fever picks for guys (you can find my picks for girls here - next time I'll do more explaining for my female picks as well). I realize I have several male readers for my blog & I also know that I haven't done too much for men readers lately. My DSW picks had a great response from some of you so I'd really like to start touching base on more men's items, along with women's. So, for you dudes out there.. this is for you! Let me know your thoughts & if you'd like me to continue to focus on menswear more often.

1. Watch, Timex // I really like how this watch feels masculine & sleek with the all-over black, but then adds a color pop of neon green in the hand. The neon makes this watch instantly more interesting & feel fresher without being overtly in your face. Perfect for men's spring-wear.

2. Relaxed tee, Zara // This tee definitely looks comfortable & still collected. This green is a nice color pop without being an overly spring-y. It's subdued, which still makes it feel masculine. Plus, it reminds me of a safari & lions & adventure... what guy wouldn't want to emanate that?!

3. Fedora, Goorin Bros // This hat is seriously boyish chic. My brother has this hat - we got it on our trip to San Francisco last summer - & it is just as cool in person. You'd get much more wear out of this hat than you would a straw one because you could wear this hat fall up until spring & you could also dress this hat down (with a tee & jeans) or up (with a blazer). It's worth the pretty penny.

4. Sunglasses, Tumbleweeds // Okay, I'm dying for a pair of these myself, but I also think that they'd look rad on guys. The wooden frame feels really beachy (like a Woodie) & that feels like spring to me. Spring's all about getting ready for beach time. Tumbleweeds also has a pretty sweet blog which you should definitely check out.

5. Jacket, Electric // Military styled jackets are rockin' on both sexes. It's a total boyish chic item that I looooove. I think guys look manly in them & girls look stellar in them if you mix in some feminine accessories & shoes. This jacket seems lightweight & will have your springing from your heavyweight winter coat into warmer temperatures.

6. Leather & twine cuff, Urban Outfitters // The khaki color and braid are very summery, which make this bracelet a perfect accessory for springtime.

7. Sneakers, Bass // These are pretty sweet because they hint at being boat shoes, without actually being boat shoes. If you're not ready to prep out on boat shoes, start with these sneakers... They're an awesome alternative. The canvas is perfect for spring in that it's lightweight & light colored.

8. Backpack, Quiksilver // If you're commuting to work or in school & not a messenger-bag-type-guy, then this backpack is a sweet choice for spring. The bright blue insinuates blue skies & summertime, while the gray tones it down & keeps it masculine.

9. Canvas satchel, ASOS // And if you are a messenger-bag-type-guy, this bag looks awesome. The yellow is spring-y without being a pastel. It still feels fresh & masculine because it has a hint of gray in it.

10. Longboard, Globe // What speaks spring/summer more than a long/skateboard?! I'm diggin' the imagery on this one & the orange wheels add a nice color pop for spring. A guy who can ride a board... pretty attractive in my book. I'll also take one of these boards, please!

11. Pants, Volcom // Also attractive, is a guy confident enough to rock shades of pink. These pants, I agree, would be tricky to wear. You'd need to match them with a manly feeling top - like a dark gray tee. Again, think boyish chic (works for men, too!): if one part of your outfit feels slightly feminine/chic (color), then make it more boyish by adding in a masculine accessory (like boots like this or this).
12. Shirt, Jedidiah // All around nice looking shirt that you could wear out at night, business casual for day or for daily wears outside of the office. The lighter blue is a nice airy color that will feel refreshing in spring.

I think spring fever for menswear is all about the element of surprise. The majority of guys don't want to walk around covered head to toe in pastels (& I'm definitely not suggesting you do) so instead, I suggest adding in small pops of color into your regular wardrobe. Spring fever is all about getting pumped for summer, which means it's just about having fun with your daily wears, even if it's just in little ways like adding a neon color pop here or there. We've all been sitting inside all winter &, I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get cabin fever; bringing some color into my outfits makes this winter cold a little happier & less exhausting. Just because you can't be at the beach right now, doesn't mean you can't start hinting like that's where you're headed... soon!

Think you'll try to rock spring fever the next few months?
xx. Jillian
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