Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes

I have to admit, I'm an awards show sucker. I looove watching the red carpet fashion & I love watching the show & speeches. I think it's fun to play stylist for a night & say "oooohhh no, that dress!" or "YES, she looks AMAZING!" Haha. And that's pretty much a lot of the commentary between my mom and me when we watch the shows together. It's also great to see up and coming fashions & glammed out dresses that we never really otherwise see.

At the beginning of last night's red carpet, I was totally unimpressed. I thought a lot of celebrities were wearing dresses that didn't suit their body type or just weren't pretty. But, as the night continued, the showstoppers definitely appeared and rocked the carpet. This year, there were a lot more deep, rich colors and reds. I'm still not sure if I love a scarlet red dress on a red carpet - it loses its momentum, fading into the carpet. However, I do love that color came back out this year. My favorites included...

Charlize Theron // Michelle Williams // Emma Stone
Sofia Vergara // Tina Fey // Julie Bowen
via E!
Zooey Deschanel's hair & makeup are incredible.
Not to mention, Zooey had the cutest nails ever - mini tuxes!
via Zooey's twitter
Some women who I thought had incredible hair & makeup, but not so stunning dresses were Kate Winslet (she looked goooorgeous!), Rooney Mara (sorry, I wasn't digging the cutouts as much, but she looked beautiful), Dianna Agron (flawless hair & makeup) & Lea Michelle (normally a number one favorite for me, but I didn't really get the dress last night). They all looked way lovely, but wish their dresses were different.

A lot of the men also looked flawless. A night of tuxes, bowties & fitted suits is amazing. A correctly fitted suit on a guy does... incredible things. Every guy should spend a little money on getting a suit that fits perfectly. All you need is one! Oh, and the fact that a lot of coat tails made appearances last night as well - lovely. Robert Downey, Jr, for one, totally rocked them... sigh.
Leonardo DiCaprio // Jesse Tyler Ferguson // Brad Pitt // Robert Downey Jr.
Channing Tatum // Michael Fassbender // George Clooney
via E! & the Examiner
Did you watch the Globes last night?


  1. My brain must of been as frozen as the -19 weather because I totally forgot the awards show was on last night! I have been enjoying looking at all the fabulous dresses though!

  2. I thought Michelle Williams looked amazing! Love her. And loving your blog!! Xo

  3. Zooey is perfection!!! I didn't get to watch, so I count on blogs like you to bring me up to speed... :)


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