Monday, January 2, 2012

Bring in 2012 right: taking care of YOU!

When I posted some of my resolutions on Mr Taylor and His Lady's blog last year (ha! weird to write that..), some of you responded that you also needed to take some more you time. Taking me time is something I've been trying to learn for the past few years. I put others & my work first and sometimes leave myself in shambles. But, I'm changing that slowly & learning to make myself & my heart a priority. Everyone benefits from that change.

A healthier me has most to do with my heart, but also some to do with taking care of the rest of me, too - aka the outer shell. I've taken much better care of my skin the past couple years, being sure to moisturize and put time into my hair. I know upkeep of hair is expeeensive, but, hey, we wake up, live, eat, breathe & sleep with our hair. It's worth the upkeep. It's something we use/see every moment of every day. That's worth putting some extra money into! Same goes for our skin.

In December, I did a show in which I ended up meeting some awesome hand-crafting beauty babes who know their stuff. Meeting fellow vendors is just as amazing as meeting new customers because it helps me remember there are many other people in the same boat as me. I love when other vendors are kind & talkative because we're all in this handmade business together. It shouldn't be about competition. It should be about helping each other out & guiding each other. Trust me, in the end, it all comes back.

Anyways, so I was lucky enough to meet Nicci & Amy of DollyMoo. They are lovely sisters living in love by making their own body love products. Think body scrubs & oils that are all natural and handmade and use recycled materials. How cool is that?! I think it's pretty stellar. When I asked them how they figured out what ingredients to put in and how to make the products, they told me that they figured it all out by experimenting... a lot. These girls put the work in & came up with some really amazing products.
These lip balms are really soothing & smell so incredibly yummy & fresh.
My mom got me one for my stocking at Christmas. Loving it!
Only $12 AND they're handmade.
My mom helped me set up & break down my table so she was also oogling over DollyMoo's products with me. She ended up buying me their body oil in Tangerine for Christmas. It's amazing. It rubs right in without leaving a greasy residue & honestly loves my skin feeling soft for hours. It smells citrusy & refreshing, without being overwhelming - sometimes heavy smells give me a headache, but this one has not. 
DollyMoo body oil
$22: handmade & made with 40% recycled glass.
Plus, you can use it instead of shaving cream.
Yes, please.
Body scrub, $20
To exfoliate your skin twice a week in the shower.
Other scents I really enjoy are the vanilla, lavender & sandalwood (for dudes!). Honestly, though, it all smelled delicious & the packaging is really nicely done. You can tell the products work, too, because Nicci & Amy both have incredibly clear skin.

Be sure to check out DollyMoo's online shop & Facebook page. This is a perfect way to start the new year off right & give yourself some you time! If you're looking for a unique gift for Valentine's day for your lucky lady, dude, friend or momma (hey! Valentine's Day is a day about love - doesn't matter what kind), these ladies have got you covered! 

And for Boyish Chic/my Remedy readers, DollyMoo is giving 15% off of all products this week only! Get your gifts before January 9 at midnight, using coupon code: HAPPYREMEDY
Shop indie & live in love,
xx. Jillian


  1. totally agree- putting effort and some care into your skin and hair are super important! its the first thing people see and sadly, but true- the first thing people make an impression from. before you even open your mouth! :) gonna go check out what i can get w this lovely discount!

    sharde @ the style projects

  2. I need all these products. NOW!! My skin feels like it is going to fall off, it is so dry and rough. Darn Utah and it's dry climate.

  3. These look like great products!
    I'm passing along the Liebster blog award to you.

  4. Thanks ladies! I hope you'll check DOllyMoo out & grab something great! Let me know if you do :]

    Andi, thank you for passing this along to me, but I'm not sure what it is. I can't seem to locate your email either - what is the Liebster blog award?

    xx. Jillian

  5. oh my gosh haha.. i thought i was seeing things when i saw Nicci and Amy.. I met them at a craft fair about a year and a half ago! funny! they are really sweet :) and yeah.. their stuff is awesome. i used the heck out of the scrub i got from them!


Thanks for making my day. Keep living in love. xx.

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