Thursday, January 12, 2012


I think I've finally fixed all the posts that have missing images. Woof. Happy that's over. Mannnn, that was so frustrating! Please let me know if you find any posts that have missing links. 

So, I've been a bit MIA the past two weeks with the holidays and then a post holiday week off to get done all that I needed to get done. I'm back! For real. Haha. I promised to post a photo of what I wore for NYE:
Jade // Me // Meredith
my dress, Nastygal // pumps, Sam Edelman
The closest lipstick color I could find to this one!
How have your new years resolutions been going? Sticking to 'em?

Also happy to announce that the flower scarf doubling as a shawl (how cool is that?!) is now available for pre-order in my shop! All hand knit by my knitting ninja of a mom, Brigitte. This scarf is made of acrylic & wool that is FSC approved ("not for profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world's forests")

Just be sure to allow time for creation - these are not premade, but made to order. Also, if you'd like different colors, leave a comment or email me & I'll let you know what we offer! She also makes custom head wraps (they look like headbands & are way cute), which I hope to get online soon!

Happy to be back <3.


  1. Your New Year's dress is fabulous!

    Way to go your super talented mom!

  2. You are beautiful! Love your NYE dress!

    New follower :)


Thanks for making my day. Keep living in love. xx.

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