Saturday, October 29, 2011

Film to fashion inspiration: Fantasia

My favorite from Fantasia 2000, this piece inspired my Halloween costume last night... it's worth a watch regardless. I just love how the Fantasias take music that already exists and put imagery to the music instead of the other way around. So amazing.

So, what was I? Since I was dressing up with Jade, we decided to be daughter nature (doesn't make sense to have two mother natures, really). Granted, this is in no way the best costume ever, but! we had such a good time making the costume & that's what it's all about for me - having fun.

We bought large, green, men's t-shirts from Target for $7 & a bunch of faux (on sale) leaves, vines & flowers from Michaels. In total, the costume was around $20 each. Costume on a budget & a good time? Sweet deal.

We cut the t-shirts to be off the shoulder since they were so huge (cut along the seam by the neck), but we wanted shirts big enough to cover our upper bodies and long enough to work as dresses with opaque leggings. I also cut my sleeves by cutting parallel to the edge, about two inches away from the end of the sleeve. We pinned on different vines, fern leaves & ivy in a vine pattern around the shirts. Had we had more money & time, it would have been cool to either paint the shirts first with leaves OR add leaves allllll over. For another time.

Jade did our hair awesomely - teased, with braids, curled & then pulled back and pinned to one side. We added in feathers to give the costume a nature feeling & not just trees.

I did our makeup - totally learned it the night before by watching YouTube videos. It's incredible what you can find when you Google. Haha! I did a leopard print on one side (essentially, drawing tiny parentheses all over and filling them in with a darker, bronze eye shadow) & a yellow/green cat eye on the other. We wanted to use animal print to bring in the animal aspect of nature & also so we didn't just look like trees. Hahaha. I also drew branches on our arms and shoulders and onto our faces with tiny flowers (inspired by this image - so cool). I wanted it to look like nature was growing out and on us.

Overall, we had fun rocking the costumes. It was really fun getting ready and creating the costumes last minute (day of going out!) & on a super tight budget. Most people thought we were Poison Ivy from Batman, but, hey, we'll take it.

Out & about.

Now, to figure out what to wear tonight in the snow. LumberJill is sounding pretty good & cozy right now...

What were/are you being for Halloween weekend?

Friday, October 28, 2011

© Jillian Pfund, Boyish Chic
Rockin' my Levis kicks on this brisk fall day & wearing a tshirt, leather jacket & red purse with it. I'm running around grabbing last minute Halloween stuff.

What are you being for Halloween? I've got 2 ideas in the works... We'll see how it goes. Crossing fingers or otherwise pulling out my old ninja turtles or lumber Jill costumes.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

the finished cuff!


My newest creation: a cuff made from scratch brass & bronze with turquoise stones. I went with an arrow theme to be similar to my past pendants. I also love the tribal feel it has to it. It's definitely my new favorite piece. 

I've been taking a jewelry class since the beginning of the year to learn how to make jewelry pieces completely from the base, starting with a sheet of brass & bronze. I completely design the pieces, then spend weeks creating them. I'm really hoping to move more into this way of jewelry making for my Remedy. Don't get me wrong, my Remedy is still hand crafted jewelry, it's just that I'm not bending the metals myself and working from a sheet of metal like I did with this cuff (instead I start with base supplies like a ring and design what to put on/with the ring or ready made links of metal).

© Jillian Pfund, my RemedyThe beginning of the cuff.

© Jillian Pfund, my Remedy
After bending & adding bezels...

© Jillian Pfund, my Remedy
Finished piece!

If you like what you see & would like to order your very own custom piece, email me at


Monday, October 24, 2011

stop & smell the roses. all day long.

I went to the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx earlier this month with my gorgeous friend, Shelly. We were   looking for some adventure & it was the perfect day where it was in the '80s & sunny... in October. It was beaaauuuitful. Honestly, I wasn't expecting it to be as nice as it was. We had a really fun time just walking around, smelling the flowers, exploring & finding tons of inspiration. 

It's amazing what you can find when you look...

They're not kidding...

The beautiful Shelly rockin' knee high boots & a floral dress.
Transported to California sunshine.
Sweet wood sculpture.

A courtyard in the midst of a rainforest.
The weather was interesting: cold in the morning, but warm all through the day so I ended up wearing my fringe boots (from DSW a few years back), Bullhead shorts, a flowy shirt & this necklace.

Check out this big poppa.
Taking a break by the koi pond.
They're are ALL kind & colors of lilies in this pond. It's incredible.
Shelly & I were both impressed by the color schemes throughout the park. Purple, light greenish-yellow & maroon look so great together. Above is proof.
I spy with my little eye..

Stopping & smelling the roses. All day long.

Awesome pattern.

Beauty, beauty, everywhere.

Where's Toad? Meet Princess Peach.

Totally got inspired by the colors and shapes for styling & patterning & mood boards. A floral pattern inspired by the above would be stellar. Also can't wait to use some of this imagery in my design or collage.

Thanks for going, Shelly! Let's head back in the springtime.

xx. Jillian

P.S. Men or women, take note.. This is a perfect date spot & if you busted this out (if the boy or girl you're swooning is into the outdoors), you'd be ahead of the game. It's also a great 'personal day' place because it's huge & there's plenty of space to find a tree to sit by & write in a journal or read or whatever else you do on your personal days. Be sure to check it out at some time, with someone or on your own.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

" He does dress better than I do, I mean, what would I bring to the relationship?"
- Cher, Clueless

Hahahaha. Ahh, Clueless, the first time I fell in love with Paul Rudd.

I liked it, so I put a ring on it.

© Boyish Chic Jillian Pfund
Swarovski ring (normally $125, scored it for $40!) at Rue La La. Check it out for some good deals!
Promise rings don't always need to come from someone you're dating. Sometimes, they can just come from you, for you - for whatever promise you need to make yourself. Bought myself this crystal ring from Swarovski last week. It's been a long, sometimes amazing/sometimes heart wrenching year & I wanted to make a promise to myself to love me... for me, irregardless.

Sometimes, it's just nice to know someone has your back. Even if that someone is yourself. And, no, you don't need a ring or any other product to prove it... it's just a nice reminder.

Live it up this weekend,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my men's picks: DSW

I went shoe shopping with my brother, Jason, today & I love acting like being his stylist on these outings. He picked some great shoes & it got me wanting to do a post on my top picks for men from DSW. Designer shoes at a discount price: does it get any better? Didn't think so.

So here's my top picks for dudes...!

These are an awesome everyday shoe. What's great is that you can dress 'em up or down. Pair these with some jeans & a tee and you're ready for a casual day. Match them with darker jeans & a sweet button down - you can totally rock them at night.
The houndstooth pattern is really edgy, but also polished. The fabric would be hard to maintain, but as long as you don't get dancing in the rain in them, these Original Penguin shoes are a sure bet.

These shoes are so gangster. I'm in love with their classy feel & it gives them this vintage vibe. Again, another shoe that you can dress up or down for a less fancy feel. If you want to impress some ladies, wear these Robert Wayne Atlas Wingtips with a more casual outfit/jeans & a button down. You'll have the ladies swooning in no time.

You can't really go wrong with Nikes: they're extreeeeemely comfortable, durable & they look pretty suave. The only downside is that they can get expensive (even at DSW), but if you're looking for a long lasting shoe, it's worth the extra buck.

These Nikes are sweet. The hightop is not overly high, so they are closer to normal sneakers, but are on a different level than the average. The neutral black with some blue highlights will let you play up these shoes with a wide range of outfits. It's a sneaker that can take you pretty far in that you can dress these bad boys up or down. I say this a lot in this post, but I think that's the best kind of shoe to have: one that you can wear multiple times a week and not just three times a year.

Can't stress it enough: boots like this Kenneth Cole boot on guys are hot! DSW is pretty low on boot selections for men this season, but these are pretty much all you need. Wear them with one pant leg (or both) slightly tucked into the tongue of the boot. They're badass and edgy. Not only that, but if you wear it with your jeans all the way over them, they look like a nice pair of dress shoes. This is a versatile shoe. It's a win-win.

 These Clark suede boots are classy & casual at the same time. The gray color allows for you to wear them with brown or black (and pretty much any other color in your closet). You may have to take a little extra care because they are suede so try not to wear them in the rain. You can rock these casual  for everyday or dressy for a date/night out.
Ahh, the classic oxford. These Red are a wardrobe staple. You can definitely dress these Red Tape oxfords up or down, but they're not something I suggest wearing to watch a sports game. The most casual I'd go in these is with a pair of jeans and a nice button down. That being said, these would make me think you know how to dress. I'm totally smitten with the old school flavor they have and they're super polished.. aka you'd look super suave. 
There you have it.
You really can have it all in one stop shopping.

professionally boyish chic.

I took photographs over the weekend of makeovers & happy shoppers at Lord & Taylor for a party promotion they were doing. I wanted to dress professionally, but also stay true to myself. I still needed to represent my company & myself. 

I wore this Betsey Johnson sweater that I picked up at the sample sale a few weeks ago. Originally, it was like $250+ & I snagged it at the sale for $54! If you love yourself some Betsey Johnson, I highly suggest following her twitter for updates on sample sales. You can truly snag yourself some killer deals (like I did!). 

Excuse my cheesy cell phone photo. 
I'm totally diggin' these shoulder pads - they're not overly out there, but are still big enough to give the sweater an edge with those girly, blinged out buttons and flared frill at the waist (great to accentuate body curves). I paired the look with black skinny jeans, over the knee black boots, my my Remedy tribal necklace & flourish ring in magenta... & my camera. The necklace fit perfectly with the scoop neck of the sweater. The black onyx works nicely with the loud (awesome) print of the sweater. The ring added a necessary color pop with all the black. Overall, I think the outfit was pretty boyish chic + I felt comfortable & ready to work!

What do you wear when you work it at your job?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

film to fashion inspiration: Wild Target

At first, Wild Target seemed like a wild card. I was a bit nervous to watch it because I hadn't previously seen previews for it until it showed up on Netflix as an instant stream movie. Completely unnecessary skepticism though: Wild Target is such a great film! Not only is the story line & dialogue witty and fun, but the fashion is beyond playful & perfect. 

Emily Blunt who plays Rose in the movie is such a bohemian, free spirited character & her fashion follows suit. She constantly wearing colorful outfits with edgy pieces & over the top accessories. It all works together fabulously. This movie is an amazing fashion to film inspiration because there are so many options to choose from, even if you only take one piece here or there from Rose's wardrobe and allow it to inspires yours.

I've gone through the movie & picked out scenes that show Rose's style best (trying hard to not give away too much of the movie!). Here's how you can dress like Rose or just have a jumping off point to be inspired by the spunky, fun, adorably dressed Rose:

film still from Wild Target // fashion picks by Boyish Chic Jillian Pfund
1) Pony-Up booties, Jeffrey Campbell // 2) angora beret, Zara // 3) corset trench, Anthropologie
Add a bike & you're set!
film still from Wild Target // fashion picks by Boyish Chic Jillian Pfund
La-looooveee the pairing of these teal tights with her outfit. It gives her style such an edge!
Start with a flowy dress 1) chiffon dress, Delia's
Next, add 2) rock garden jacket, ModCloth // 3) teal tights, American Apparel // 4) faux leather vest, ModCloth

film still from Wild Target // fashion picks by Boyish Chic Jillian Pfund
Funky, bright & edgy.
1) film noir skirt, Betsey Johnson // 2) studded leather jacket, Label Lab
You can also make your own studded jacket using this DIY tutorial! Props to Rachel of Vizbasix for setting it up step by step.

film still from Wild Target // fashion picks by Boyish Chic Jillian Pfund
Find a flapper dress similarly shakeable to 1) olivia fringe dress, Phase Eight
Toss on 2) marabou cape, Biba // 3) art deco cuff, Peep Toe // 4) layered necklace, Tuleste Market

film still from Wild Target // fashion picks by Boyish Chic Jillian Pfund
Rose's dress paired with those burgundy tights is... genius.
1) tallulah princess dress, alice+olivia // 2) interlinking cuff, Asos // 3) bordeaux tights, American Apparel // 4) layered necklace, Anis World

It is so incredibly hard to pick a favorite outfit from this movie. Aren't they all brilliant? Here are some other stills of Rose's outfits to be inspired by:

This blouse + high waisted pants
Silver nailpolish + rings.
Look at those gloves with bows on them. So adorable.

Which outfit/styling is your favorite?
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