Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rockin' my Remedy.

Spent the weekend setting up shop at holiday shows in NYC for the Bust Craftacular & in Hoboken at Maxwell's. It was so awesome meeting new fans of my Remedy & making friends at both shows. It's what my Remedy's all about!

Check out how some new clients (& I) rock my Remedy:

Adam of 7Mornings rocking the new men's Nature Warrior, not yet available online.
Adam's band is local & amazing. Check them out here.
  • © Adam, 7Mornings.
Rebecca looking gorgeous in her retro dove ring.
Sam looking beyond lovely in the tuxedo bracelet, which sold out this weekend!

Me at the event: necklace, Tribal // bracelet, Tuxedo 

Obsessing over these tights. The hearts are adorable.
Live in love!
xx. Jillian

P.S. How rad does the bar look?
I tacked one of my bows on there for the show :]
Always the best addition.


  1. Love that dove ring! And you look gorgeous, as always

  2. haha! I was just thinking how obsessed I am with those tights and I scroll down and see you commented exactly that. Reeeeally cute outfit!


Thanks for making my day. Keep living in love. xx.

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