Saturday, December 3, 2011

gift ideas: decor for a Boyish Chic fashionista.

So, I was looking into some different prints & decor in search of the perfect Christmas gift for a friend & I thought it might be cool to share artists' work who I thought were truly amazing! I would really like to make something, but I started planning a bit late this season & so I probably won't have time to. With the holiday season underway, maybe these will spark some ideas & give you some sweet inspiration like they've given me.

The ever so kind Catherine Campbell of My Folk Lover is such a unique artist. I am absolutely in love with her work & collage creations. She expresses a lot of emotion & a delicateness with these thin lines & blocks of color alongside pattern. I bought the top two pieces last year & framed them. They're my favorite of her work, but I'm definitely looking to purchase more (maybe the one on the bottom). 

And, now you can buy some of her work too...
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Silver Ridge Studio by Cate Parr has some amazing watercolor prints. I love how her imagery is created from colors flowing in and through each other. It looks like it's done with such ease & they're all gorgeous. Like Catherine, Cate uses simple lines, but creates such powerful emotion from them. Totally mesmerized by her work.
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I've included some other home decor gift ideas for someone with boyish chic style...
Chevron pillow by Giardino
I loooove chevron, especially in these colors. 
This pillow is stellar & it's even more amazing because it was... handprinted!
This always something special about gifts that are handmade (even if you didn't personally handmake it & your gifting it). As a crafter myself, I realize the importance of supporting other crafters & handmade items. Shop indie this Christmas!
Recycled Wood Clock from hip cycle
I love finding pieces that have been made new from something old. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also has a certain nostalgia to it & feels like it could hold a thousand stories. I'm really diggin' the beachy feel of this clock.
Make your to do lists prettier with this decal from Layla Grace.
It's removable & reusable. You can write on it with chalk.
I can't get over how cool this is!

RabLabs Garra Bottle Stopper
This bottle stopper is pretty sweet. It comes in various colors, but the natural is my favorite. I wanted to bring up this website, Gifts That Give. For each gift you buy on the site, $1 out of every $5 gets donated to a cause of your choice. This is actually similar to what I hope to do with my Remedy one day, so I'm excited to see this out there! Not only are you doing a nice thing by buying someone a gift, but you're also donating in their name to a cause. Doesn't get much better than that.

What are some of your decor gift ideas?
Happy shopping!
xx. Jillian

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  1. That decal is exactly what I have been looking for...for weeks! You have no idea how you just helped. Thanks a mil!



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