Monday, December 19, 2011

Boyish Chic guest post: by B.

The beautiful & witty Mrs Bridget Melnyk Granholm came to one of my shows last weekend (love her!) dressed boyish chic-ed out. And it was awesome. I snagged some photos of her lovely self & here's a little post written by her on the outfit:

P.S. Bridget, you rule. <3!
P.P.S. How gorgeous is her foot tattoo?!

Hello, world! My name is Bridget and I have known Jillian for quite some time now. I have followed her art, her blogs and her spirit since the beginning and always find inspiration in it. That's where this outfit came from. First, we need to rewind a couple weeks when I first saw the plaid, button-down shirt at Old Navy. I knew I wanted it because guys always look so comfy in a plaid shirt - why can't I have one? So I had to buy it! 

But, how was I going to make it look like me?

I knew I wanted to wear it and make my outfit look "hipster"-ish so I paired it with my dorky glasses, my dark, cuffed denim jeans and my grandpa loafers.  When I looked at myself in the mirror I definitely looked pretty boyish but not very chic and then ((ta-da!!)) I thought of Jillian's blog. So I decided to add the cardigan and the flashy jewelry to add some girliness to the outfit! 

There you have it - my boyish chic inspired outfit! Hope you like it!

<3 bRidget

You can find Bridget on Pinterest!


Thanks for making my day. Keep living in love. xx.

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