Friday, December 30, 2011

NYE Eve!

Happy last Friday of 2011 ladies & gents!

The new year is upon us - and thaaaankkkk goodness. I'm ready for some new year goodness. I wrote about my resolutions & some style tips for the big night in a guest post on the stunning Mr Taylor & His Lady's blog here. Check it out!

I'm headed into NYC for the first time on a NYE, which I'm super excited for. Not hitting up Times Square (& happy about that!), but heading downtown for some dancing to bring in the new year right. Woohoo!
I'm also psyched about my outfit. It's not the most amazing dress ever, but I like it & I feel comfortable in it. I'm still trying to find the perfect lipstick. My dress is black so I'm hoping to give it some color pop with bright lips!  

Anyone know where I can find a bright fuchsia lipstick like this? 
I went in search of some jewels yesterday with my friend, Jade, in order to find the perfect accessories. Since my dress is not too out there - it's one shouldered/long sleeved, black with a light dusting of sparkles - we thought it'd be fun to go wild with accessories. Here's what I picked out from Forever21 (hello good deals!):

I'm diggin' mixed metallics.

Purse I picked up at TJMaxx. Love the retro look & it was a steal!
A touch of leopard print... perfection.
I'll be sure to post some photos from my night & my outfit - hopefully I'll have time to snap some shots. What are you planning on wearing? Share some of your photos, too! I'd love to see 'em.

Wishing you the happiest, most glammed up, all out amazing New Year ever! Bring it in right.
xx. Jillian

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

polka dots & bows.

I'm not feeling too great today (couldn't sleep half the night) so I've decided to get a little goofy/gif happy instead of my usual styling images. I got this adorable hat, along with this polka dot cardigan for Christmas from my momma. I think they're too cute.

The cardigan's red dots remind me of Minnie Mouse for some reason. I'm also diggin' how the background color is a light cream instead of white. It's really cozy too. Thanks, Mommypie! You always pick out the best clothing.

Cute bow!
I loooooove rings (if you haven't already noticed, haha!).
Last Wednesday in 2011. Let's make it a good one.
Enjoy your day,
xx. Jillian

Today's inspiration: "I'm a boomerang; doesn't matter how you throw me. Turn around & I'm back in the game, even better than the old me." -Gavin DeGraw


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I've taken a mini vacation over the holiday weekend to recoup & celebrate with my amazing family. There was lots of bananagrams, jamming, cookie baking, tree picking, cookie eating, Kung Fu Panda 2-ing & gift giving. It was really lovely. Since all my extended family lives in Switzerland, we don't have big holiday parties: just the six of us (my parents & siblings) and then their significant others come over. It's quiet - unless there's a board game involved - but it's really special. I love it when we're all together in once place.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting, but I'm back at it! NYE is this Sat - how crazy is that? - so please check out my guest post over at Mr Taylor & His Lady's blog. Tanya is so kind hearted & I'm psyched to be guest posting on her blog. Be sure to check out her other posts as well & follow! It's worth it.

Let me know how you're going to style your NYE outfit. I'm also very interested in the dudes out there - what will you wear?

Enjoy your day,
xx. Jillian

Friday, December 23, 2011

inspire me.

Some of my inspiration this week... floral // retro // lace // surfer vibes.
top row & middle left two, Marie Claire magazine
middle right, National Geographic
bottom row, my photos from my week at the mall & the aftermath.

And to get us in the holiday spirit, some things on my inspiration wishlist:
velvet holiday dress, TopShop // sparkly accessory, Giant Dwarf // military jacket, VSecret
fringe purse, Urban Outfitters // unicorn cookie cutter, Amazon // sequin dress, via
booties, DSW // sequin heart bag, Amazon

What's inspiring you this week? 

Wishing you all happy holidays & a very Merry Christmas! 
I can't believe it's here already.
Excuse me while I go finish my gifting & wrapping & creating. Hopefully I can squeeze in some Christmas cookie making, Elf watching & hot cocoa with candy canes sippin'.
xx. Jillian

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

casual holiday party dress.

I hardly have occassions where I get to really dress up. But, I love dressing up so I make it happen by taking a fancier dress & dressing it down to fit with whatever I'm doing. Plus, it also makes me feel more comfortable (because we all know I can't be too dressy, anyways).

Last weekend, my amazingly kind neighbor invited my family to his holiday party. He's really into trains and is part of an association in NJ so he had his party on a retro train car. It was awesome! They refurbished the cars to look exactly like the originals so they had to specially mold the hand rails and bring in vintage carpeting (which was from an old movie theater). It was sweet.
My dad inside one of the cars.
Sweet retro print.
The dress code for the party was seasonal casual. I don't really know what that means so I dressed how I would dress for a holiday party and then added on my booties & a jean jacket to dress it down a notch. You could do spin this in a totally different way & wear flats with a cardigan or moccasins with a sweater over the dress. It worked out because I felt seasonal aka dressed for a holiday party, but also casual enough that I could wear this outfit for everyday or work.


What have you been wearing to your holiday parties?
xx. Jillian

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

home office style: cozy.

It's that time of year: cold has set it. I'm okay with it for now because it's the holiday season, but I'm definitely much more of a summer child. That said, I still do love me some sweater wrapping, hot chocolate sipping, snuggle weather - just wish it wouldn't last so long!


I snagged this sweater at Urban Outfitters - it was on sale for $19.99 from somewhere around $80. I put it on & instantly felt warm & cozy. Truth be told, it's definitely not the most figure flattering, but it's suuuuper comfy & the perfect sweater to lounge around in by the fireplace & watch some cheesy Christmas movies. I'm also really into the color: it's like a raspberry sorbet & I have nothing this color so I'm happy about the color pop!

This shirt I've had for... years. Honestly. It was my favorite shirt in like freshman year of college. Haha! But I still love it. It's one of those shirts that's worn, but I can't seem to part with it.. 

A one-of-a-kind vintage piece I refurbished & redesigned for my Remedy.
I added the mixed stones & played around with layering different lengths of chain. 
It's for sale here in my shop!


sweater, UO // shirt, Forever 21 // jeans, apostrophe // shoes, Roxy // necklace, my Remedy

Hope you're staying cozy this week! 
What's your favorite sweater look like?

xx. Jillian

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I'd love to have you on the site for January... & beyond.
Thanks so much 
& looking forward to hearing from you,
xx. Jillian

Monday, December 19, 2011

Boyish Chic guest post: by B.

The beautiful & witty Mrs Bridget Melnyk Granholm came to one of my shows last weekend (love her!) dressed boyish chic-ed out. And it was awesome. I snagged some photos of her lovely self & here's a little post written by her on the outfit:

P.S. Bridget, you rule. <3!
P.P.S. How gorgeous is her foot tattoo?!

Hello, world! My name is Bridget and I have known Jillian for quite some time now. I have followed her art, her blogs and her spirit since the beginning and always find inspiration in it. That's where this outfit came from. First, we need to rewind a couple weeks when I first saw the plaid, button-down shirt at Old Navy. I knew I wanted it because guys always look so comfy in a plaid shirt - why can't I have one? So I had to buy it! 

But, how was I going to make it look like me?

I knew I wanted to wear it and make my outfit look "hipster"-ish so I paired it with my dorky glasses, my dark, cuffed denim jeans and my grandpa loafers.  When I looked at myself in the mirror I definitely looked pretty boyish but not very chic and then ((ta-da!!)) I thought of Jillian's blog. So I decided to add the cardigan and the flashy jewelry to add some girliness to the outfit! 

There you have it - my boyish chic inspired outfit! Hope you like it!

<3 bRidget

You can find Bridget on Pinterest!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Getting in the spirit.
Not like I wear them year round or anything....
Haha! Happy Saturday.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Minneapolis thrifted.

In my trip to Minneapolis last month to visit one of my besties, we scored this stellar, houndstooth Escada jacket. I did have to leave a towel behind to fit this baby in my luggage, but it was so. worth. it.

I've been aching for a houndstooth piece for a long time now, but never found the right fit. This jacket fits me like a glove. It also has shoulderpads & was super clean (I'll admit, I'm not the best thrifter; sometimes I get overwhelmed in a store or nervous about cleanliness). Even the pockets were still sewn shut! Oh, did I also mention that this jacket was... $20?! YEP. Absolutely amazing. I'm smiling thinking about it.

Naturally, for me, this jacket is pretty feminine so I had to match it up with some other pieces that are more edgy to balance it out. So, here we go: Escada meets my Remedy meets Johnny Cupcakes.



Haha! I had to include this. Makes me laugh hysterically every time.

jacket, Escada // tee, Johnny Cupcakes // jeans, Bullhead // shoes, Converse //
 amber ring & cuff, my Remedy // sunglasses, Betsey Johnson via TJMAXX

xx. Jillian

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

stylin' Sam.

Sam Gonnelli is a lovely lady who I've gotten the pleasure of getting to know this past year. She is such a sweetheart & super smart. She pretty much rocks. Sam's also a fashionista. I had this realization on Sunday when she, so kindly, came out to my shop at Maxwell's in Hoboken. She came dressed freakin' adorably...
I'm in LOVE with this coat. Ah.

Is this... a... Betsey Johnson dress?! YEP.

Awesome retro print.

Rockin' the my Remedy tuxedo bracelet.
Boyish Chic!
How gorgeous is she?!
xx. Jillian

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rockin' my Remedy.

Spent the weekend setting up shop at holiday shows in NYC for the Bust Craftacular & in Hoboken at Maxwell's. It was so awesome meeting new fans of my Remedy & making friends at both shows. It's what my Remedy's all about!

Check out how some new clients (& I) rock my Remedy:

Adam of 7Mornings rocking the new men's Nature Warrior, not yet available online.
Adam's band is local & amazing. Check them out here.
  • © Adam, 7Mornings.
Rebecca looking gorgeous in her retro dove ring.
Sam looking beyond lovely in the tuxedo bracelet, which sold out this weekend!

Me at the event: necklace, Tribal // bracelet, Tuxedo 

Obsessing over these tights. The hearts are adorable.
Live in love!
xx. Jillian

P.S. How rad does the bar look?
I tacked one of my bows on there for the show :]
Always the best addition.
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