Friday, November 4, 2011

thoughts on retro dresses?

Sooo, I've been wanting a dress in this style for some time now. I'm always inspired by pin up/retro imagery, but I own nothing that gives off this vibe. It feels fun & daring & otherworldly to me... which makes it all the more desirable. It's asymmetry for me: it'd be awesome to rock on occasion, when I'm feeling up for it because we all know I'm no pin up in reality (especially not on a regular basis). Haha, hence boyish chic.

I recently completely splurged & bought this navy dress with the justification that I could wear it for Halloween too but the sizing was off because it's a stretch material. They don't have the size that I need now, but they do have my size in the red & the stripes. But! I can't decide... do I wait to see if the navy comes in or do I go with the red? Or do I totally just change it up & go stripes? I don't have busts like these women do, but I do have the rest of the curves. 

Thoughts? Help? Much appreciated!

P.S. How awesomely inspiring is this retro imagery?
all of the above from Pin Up Girl clothing

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