Monday, November 7, 2011

off shoulder.

Painted the town red over the weekend with Jade & Meredith... & by that I mean, got sushi & went dancing. I wore an off the shoulder shirt. It's one of my favorites because it's feminine showing shoulder, mixed with the more boyish oversize top. I'm super comfortable with this kind of style. I don't need to give it away for free & neither do you. Haha! It's true, though. Most of the year (not including summer), I tend to use the 2/3 rule of thumb: show 1/3 & not the rest.

Some examples:
  • Long sleeve mini dress. Shows off your legs, covers your upper body. 
  • Fitted tank top/v neck t-shirt with jeans. 
  • Strapless dress with slightly sheer/opaque leggings or jacket/blazer.
I'm not saying I follow this with every outfit that I wear, but on a normal basis this probably happens subconsciously for me. Again, go with what's natural for you! This feels comfortable for me.

Back to Saturday night, though. Here's what I wore with my some of my favorite boyish chic accessories:

What are some basic fashion mantras you live by?

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