Wednesday, November 16, 2011

my very first Interview mag

Heyo! Got my first copy of Interview magazine in the mail last week & jumped with glee (yes, literally). I found a ton of photographs online a few months ago & once I saw that they were all in Interview, I ordered a subscription. I'm in lalaloooove with it. The articles are well written & all the imagery/styling is trendy in a non traditional way. It reminds me of Nylon in that way - taking what's in right now in fashion, but putting an edgy spin on it. Interview also reminds me of a younger, less ad-filled Vogue. Instead of so many ads, Interview has tons of editorials & fashion shoots. I also love that the pages are oversized - it makes the imagery pop so much more and it illustrates Interview's love of photography.

Did a little shoot for fun, below & added in some pages from the mag that I found over the top inspirational/ones I want to rip out and cover my walls with.

Interview, you are one of my new muses.

This styling: love. Victoria Justice // via Interview magazine
Rockin' my new red pants from TJMaxx - hell yes color pop/block!
Bad ass va va voom. // via Interview mag

Diggin' the contrast + colors // via Interview magazine
my rings: Swarovski &... I think Forever 21 (long time ago!).
Love this part of the imagery by Steve Klein via Interview magazine
my view from laying in the grass...
via Interview magazine

Moto jacket + freckles // via Interview magazine

via Interview magazine

surfer fashion via Interview mag

Seriously, go order a subscription. So worth it.
xx. Jillian


  1. A fabulous magazine, love how you got so creative with your photos too!

  2. Very fun post... I am loving the red ;)


  3. Ah! I just went to subscribe my friend to V Magazine yesterday and there's this huge introduction for this one on there... I was considering it, now you've convinced me!

    Lovin all up on your blog.
    Ashley Marie


Thanks for making my day. Keep living in love. xx.

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