Wednesday, November 30, 2011

my muse.

Ahh, I've been super MIA this past week. A lot of personal stuff going on, stacked on top of hardcore jewelry making for my upcoming shows has been intense! I promise to get back to style posting asap. When I start to get a little overwhelmed by life in general, I like going back to a moment where I felt at peace & happy to calm my nerves. Sometimes that means looking at nostalgic childhood photos, or re-reading certain parts of a favorite book. Today it means taking a look at some photos from my trip to Paris last year with my dad.

As my graduation & birthday present, my parents brought me to my dreamland of baguettes, the Eiffel Tower, metro stations & French speaking Parisiens. Simply walking from one block to the next, I saw an entire world of inspiration that has since stayed with me. There's something different about European cities, especially Paris, in comparison to home. The buildings just have so much history embedded into them & they all look so majestic & antique. It's so beautiful.

store fronts are so pretty there.
breakfast of champions. 
Sacre Coeur - a gorgeous church that you need to climb many steps to reach.
Me in the metro.

Macarons. Oh so pretty... & delicious.

I'll post some more tomorrow!
Je te manque, Paris.
xx. Jillian


  1. Paris is one of my most favorite places and definitely such great inspiration!

  2. Oh Paris Paris... Mon ami, Paris! Love it too!

  3. Reminiscing right there with you. I will never enjoy a crepe, croissant or macaroon the same way anywhere else as I did in France...LE SIGH.

  4. Let's all go back!! Ferreal. I'm ready.

  5. J'adore le sacre coeur!! c'est tellement beau!!!


Thanks for making my day. Keep living in love. xx.

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