Thursday, November 3, 2011


This week has been insane! Instead of blogging & doing my usual from home work, I've been huddled around a fire in coats, scarves, hats, leg warmers, wrist warmers... fending for a seat & outlet at Starbucks and making hot water using tea light candles. I haven't had heat or electricity since last Saturday night. It's Thursday right now. We're not expected to get it back until Sunday night. Craazyy.

Huddled by the fireplace in my Steve Madden shawl (again: TJMAXX baby!)
Wrist warmers my momma made for me with birds on them! She is genius.
The week has consisted of legwarmers, boots, & a whoooole lot of plaid flannel (which makes me very happy).
Snow hit hard over the weekend &, sadly, ruined a lot of Halloween plans. They even moved Halloween in our town to November 4. They actually changed the date of Halloween! Again, crazy. Since it's early for snow (& trees still have their leaves) the snow that landed on trees was much too heavy for them. Branches were breaking everywhere all day Saturday & Sunday. It was fascinating standing in the garage, with the door open, & listening to all the cracking sounds. It felt like a movie. It also felt like a movie when my dad ran through the backyard to get firewood, dodging falling branches & mini avalanches of snow, all whilst taking photographs of the trees. Haha. Now, in the aftermath, it's really sad to see how many trees were damaged from the storm.

At the beginning of the storm...
... during the storm ...
... after the storm cleanup. My dad & I (lumberJill for the weekend) hauled all the branches to the curbside.
One of my favorite trees in the front yard is a goner. It's amazing how many memories one single tree carries - it's in most of my outdoor childhood ones. We used to play hide & seek around it because it had three trunks, not just one. We had a swing on one of the branches that was the coolest thing ever. A lot of memories. RIP tree, I'll miss you.

xx. Jillian

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