Tuesday, November 22, 2011

holiday yum.

My mom came home yesterday with a bunch of goodies from the Old German Bakery in Hoboken. She brought home some different breads & one of them, called sils broetlie is my favorite! So excited when she came home with them. They were too nicely made to not photograph. I added in some chestnuts because their coloring is gorgeous: a deep, mahogany reddish-brown.

We used to get roasted chestnuts in the streets - kind of like the nut carts in NYC, if you've seen those - when we walked around Bern, Switzerland when I was way young. Have you ever had roasted chestnuts? If not, you should definitely try them for the holidays. I made a tutorial on how to last year. Delicious, festive treat!

She also got & set up some really amazing flower trees. The red on these is incredible & they totally change the dynamic of the room. They also make me reaalllyyy in the mood for the holidays. Nice finds, Mom!

xx. Jillian


  1. Hey there! =) Your Blog is super cute!!! I'm following you via Blogspot!! Follow me back?? :)


  2. What a delicious sounding treat, and chesnuts are fabulous good choice!!!


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