Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Boyish Chic in Minneapolis: Part Deux

My weekend in Minneapolis was a real refresher. Like I said before, spending time with someone who has got your back is a really calming feeling. Especially after this year, for me. 

Spotted this candle on Kaitlyn's kitchen table & thought it was pretty sweet. A good reminder to live in love... even when it's most difficult to.

Meet Betty - the second cat in the world that I've ever really liked (I'm much more of a dog person). She is suuuch a sweetheart & a nut; one minute she's hanging out & the next she's flipping backwards onto a sofa five feet away. Coolest cat ever. Plus, she held my hand, which I was  super surprised by and luckily moved fast enough to snap a photo of. Gave me a big smile.

On Friday, Kaitlyn went to work & I worked from her apartment & then strolled out to Dunn Brother's. It's a really sweet little place that feels like a Starbucks, but much more cozy - and, don't get me wrong, I looooove me some Starbucks. But, I have to say, it's really nice to have somewhere else to go once in a while that gives you the same relaxing, cozy feeling as Starbucks, but that isn't Starbucks. Back home, here in New Jersey, I don't have many other places nearby besides Dunkin' Donuts & I'd much rather sit in a Starbucks. Anyways, yummy coffee is always a good start to a day.

Yum! Craving one now...

Kaitlyn came home from work & we got ready to head out, which required turning off the TV, pumping some looouuuddd music & getting off the couch. Haha! We stopped being lazy & headed out for dinner - at like 9pm because it takes us both forever to get ready. Plus, she's got a pretty awesome closet of all kinds of stuff so I had fun rummaging through it with her.

She's so boyish chic. Double button downs - never thought of that before! But, loving it.
Now I'm craving sushi... dang!

The restaurant had some sweeeeet chandeliers.
They also had interesting taste in music: 
heard old school Mariah Carey, Seal, Grease & modern day radio pop. 
Didn't feel much like a sushi place... Haha.
Getting an education.
After dinner, we headed over to a restaurant/bar called Uptown Cafeteria for some drinks... and comic books! It was pretty awesome. Also, only place I've ever been to that serves COTTON CANDY (that wasn't a circus or fair)! SOOO COOL! Of course, we had to get it. It ended up being free because the cotton was lopsided on the stick & I guess that's not how they normally do it. Hey - we'll take it!!!

Straight up goofin'.
Saturday we got up & went to the Mall of America. Sunday we stayed close & just walked around her neighborhood. She lives in Uptown Minneapolis, which is kind of like a mini Hoboken. It's a younger crowd & has a lot of hip stores, including vintage ones. We hopped around & did some exploring... after coffee. Dunn Brothers... I'm hooked!

Kaitlyn's wearing a new top she scored at H&M and Eclectic from my first collection!

A sweet paper find.

Old school looking theater. So nostalgic.
How dope are these huge letters?!
leopard purse: H&M find from Saturday.

coat: Delia's // dress: Urban Outfitters // tights: Macy's

All these photos make me want to go back! I liked Minneapolis way more than I thought I would. I honestly didn't know what to expect because I've never been to Minnesota besides driving through a corner. It was way more like home than I thought it would be. I expected it to be more rural even in the city, but it really wasn't. Kind of cool how sometimes you can be somewhere and it could look as if you're anywhere in the world. A girl can dream...

xx. Jillian


  1. Looks like a fun time...Great pics ;)



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  3. Thanks Miranda! <3.

    Thanks, Melina.. I'm in!

    xx. Jillian

  4. Well Minneapolis definitely sounds fun! Love the pics and the outfit :)



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