Monday, October 24, 2011

stop & smell the roses. all day long.

I went to the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx earlier this month with my gorgeous friend, Shelly. We were   looking for some adventure & it was the perfect day where it was in the '80s & sunny... in October. It was beaaauuuitful. Honestly, I wasn't expecting it to be as nice as it was. We had a really fun time just walking around, smelling the flowers, exploring & finding tons of inspiration. 

It's amazing what you can find when you look...

They're not kidding...

The beautiful Shelly rockin' knee high boots & a floral dress.
Transported to California sunshine.
Sweet wood sculpture.

A courtyard in the midst of a rainforest.
The weather was interesting: cold in the morning, but warm all through the day so I ended up wearing my fringe boots (from DSW a few years back), Bullhead shorts, a flowy shirt & this necklace.

Check out this big poppa.
Taking a break by the koi pond.
They're are ALL kind & colors of lilies in this pond. It's incredible.
Shelly & I were both impressed by the color schemes throughout the park. Purple, light greenish-yellow & maroon look so great together. Above is proof.
I spy with my little eye..

Stopping & smelling the roses. All day long.

Awesome pattern.

Beauty, beauty, everywhere.

Where's Toad? Meet Princess Peach.

Totally got inspired by the colors and shapes for styling & patterning & mood boards. A floral pattern inspired by the above would be stellar. Also can't wait to use some of this imagery in my design or collage.

Thanks for going, Shelly! Let's head back in the springtime.

xx. Jillian

P.S. Men or women, take note.. This is a perfect date spot & if you busted this out (if the boy or girl you're swooning is into the outdoors), you'd be ahead of the game. It's also a great 'personal day' place because it's huge & there's plenty of space to find a tree to sit by & write in a journal or read or whatever else you do on your personal days. Be sure to check it out at some time, with someone or on your own.

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  1. This looks lovely, and the quote at the end is just the right touch ;)



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