Tuesday, October 18, 2011

film to fashion inspiration: Wild Target

At first, Wild Target seemed like a wild card. I was a bit nervous to watch it because I hadn't previously seen previews for it until it showed up on Netflix as an instant stream movie. Completely unnecessary skepticism though: Wild Target is such a great film! Not only is the story line & dialogue witty and fun, but the fashion is beyond playful & perfect. 

Emily Blunt who plays Rose in the movie is such a bohemian, free spirited character & her fashion follows suit. She constantly wearing colorful outfits with edgy pieces & over the top accessories. It all works together fabulously. This movie is an amazing fashion to film inspiration because there are so many options to choose from, even if you only take one piece here or there from Rose's wardrobe and allow it to inspires yours.

I've gone through the movie & picked out scenes that show Rose's style best (trying hard to not give away too much of the movie!). Here's how you can dress like Rose or just have a jumping off point to be inspired by the spunky, fun, adorably dressed Rose:

film still from Wild Target // fashion picks by Boyish Chic Jillian Pfund
1) Pony-Up booties, Jeffrey Campbell // 2) angora beret, Zara // 3) corset trench, Anthropologie
Add a bike & you're set!
film still from Wild Target // fashion picks by Boyish Chic Jillian Pfund
La-looooveee the pairing of these teal tights with her outfit. It gives her style such an edge!
Start with a flowy dress 1) chiffon dress, Delia's
Next, add 2) rock garden jacket, ModCloth // 3) teal tights, American Apparel // 4) faux leather vest, ModCloth

film still from Wild Target // fashion picks by Boyish Chic Jillian Pfund
Funky, bright & edgy.
1) film noir skirt, Betsey Johnson // 2) studded leather jacket, Label Lab
You can also make your own studded jacket using this DIY tutorial! Props to Rachel of Vizbasix for setting it up step by step.

film still from Wild Target // fashion picks by Boyish Chic Jillian Pfund
Find a flapper dress similarly shakeable to 1) olivia fringe dress, Phase Eight
Toss on 2) marabou cape, Biba // 3) art deco cuff, Peep Toe // 4) layered necklace, Tuleste Market

film still from Wild Target // fashion picks by Boyish Chic Jillian Pfund
Rose's dress paired with those burgundy tights is... genius.
1) tallulah princess dress, alice+olivia // 2) interlinking cuff, Asos // 3) bordeaux tights, American Apparel // 4) layered necklace, Anis World

It is so incredibly hard to pick a favorite outfit from this movie. Aren't they all brilliant? Here are some other stills of Rose's outfits to be inspired by:

This blouse + high waisted pants
Silver nailpolish + rings.
Look at those gloves with bows on them. So adorable.

Which outfit/styling is your favorite?


  1. I love this post!
    Always great to see amazing looks on tv and then finding (here) where to get it yourself!
    Found you on IFB. Now following!
    Please have a look at my blog and follow if you like =)
    X, Lucy

  2. I completely agree, I love this movie so much for so many reasons! Even if the movie had been bad I would still watch it for the amazing outfits Rose wears!

  3. I can't choose. I loved all the outfit choices.


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