Saturday, October 29, 2011

Film to fashion inspiration: Fantasia

My favorite from Fantasia 2000, this piece inspired my Halloween costume last night... it's worth a watch regardless. I just love how the Fantasias take music that already exists and put imagery to the music instead of the other way around. So amazing.

So, what was I? Since I was dressing up with Jade, we decided to be daughter nature (doesn't make sense to have two mother natures, really). Granted, this is in no way the best costume ever, but! we had such a good time making the costume & that's what it's all about for me - having fun.

We bought large, green, men's t-shirts from Target for $7 & a bunch of faux (on sale) leaves, vines & flowers from Michaels. In total, the costume was around $20 each. Costume on a budget & a good time? Sweet deal.

We cut the t-shirts to be off the shoulder since they were so huge (cut along the seam by the neck), but we wanted shirts big enough to cover our upper bodies and long enough to work as dresses with opaque leggings. I also cut my sleeves by cutting parallel to the edge, about two inches away from the end of the sleeve. We pinned on different vines, fern leaves & ivy in a vine pattern around the shirts. Had we had more money & time, it would have been cool to either paint the shirts first with leaves OR add leaves allllll over. For another time.

Jade did our hair awesomely - teased, with braids, curled & then pulled back and pinned to one side. We added in feathers to give the costume a nature feeling & not just trees.

I did our makeup - totally learned it the night before by watching YouTube videos. It's incredible what you can find when you Google. Haha! I did a leopard print on one side (essentially, drawing tiny parentheses all over and filling them in with a darker, bronze eye shadow) & a yellow/green cat eye on the other. We wanted to use animal print to bring in the animal aspect of nature & also so we didn't just look like trees. Hahaha. I also drew branches on our arms and shoulders and onto our faces with tiny flowers (inspired by this image - so cool). I wanted it to look like nature was growing out and on us.

Overall, we had fun rocking the costumes. It was really fun getting ready and creating the costumes last minute (day of going out!) & on a super tight budget. Most people thought we were Poison Ivy from Batman, but, hey, we'll take it.

Out & about.

Now, to figure out what to wear tonight in the snow. LumberJill is sounding pretty good & cozy right now...

What were/are you being for Halloween weekend?

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  1. very cool make-up, it looks so great!

    All best wishes,
    Costin M. |


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