Tuesday, September 27, 2011

va va voom!

Designer, Ulyana Sergeenko's new line is gorgeous! I'm in love with every piece and all the styling: the hair, the makeup, the wallpaper (!)... it's all so retro and amazing. I have no idea where the fashion items will be available, when, or for how much (so I’ve given one example of a similar way to create one of the looks now), but I wish I could have it as my wardrobe!

The part I love the most, is that this fashion is sexy without all the flaunting or low cut tops. Instead, the form fitting dresses that create curves, along with the vavavoom hair & makeup make the models look fierce, confident & sultry. I’m so into that! You don’t have to show everything in order to look sexy; leave some up to the imagination.

Take a look: 

left: original, Ulyana Sergeenko // 
right: I found you can style similarly with this: dress, modcloth & pumps, BCBG

All photos/fashion via Ulyana Sergeenko

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