Monday, September 12, 2011

FNO: night to remember.

I had an amazing time at NYC's FNO in Soho: a style blogger's dream night because everyone is dressed up or street chic. I ended up going with my mom, which was soo much fun! She was just as thrilled as I was to be there and it made the night even more special. Through her, is where my love for fashion all started (she's truly gifted at picking out clothing that looks terrible on the hanger and then stunning once she's convinced you to try it on) so I was excited to share the night out with her. She also helped take some photos, so thank you Mommypie!

My outfit for FNO: my belted, little white dress that I bought when I lived in San Francisco this past summer & my favorite rose docs. Pairing of the two creates a balance and feminine, but edgy look.

First stop: at the spunky, glamorous Betsey Johnson.
(I forgot my external flash, so please excuse the poor quality of these photos!)

Live models dancing in the windows of BJ!
Adorably dressed & rockin'  DJ KalKutta. // One of my favorite images of Betsey up above.

Love DVF lips (& prints). FNO is great for window shopping & browsing at a store you wouldn't normally go into or can't afford. I found a lot of inspiration that night!
Shoe shot. My mom is so chic & awesome.
Next we stopped at Lucky Brand where.... I met Tim Gunn. Honestly, a fashion dream come true. We got in line just as he was entering the store. Talk about luck (or meant to be! haha!!). 
Looking fabulous signing autographs in his new book Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work. Just ordered my copy on Amazon. Can't wait to read it!
The moment I died of happiness: Monsieur Gunn asking me about my docs & telling me how much he likes them. (Eeeee!!!) 
P.S. Only now realizing that there are sunflowers in the background, there. My favorite flower that has significant meaning to me - makes this photo even more special.
My favorite photo of the night. Tim Gunn & I "making it work."
We ended the night stopping in Steve Madden, on a whim, and after getting 40% off coupons, spent an hour trying on random shoes. Here's the pair I picked...

A pair of oxfords that are feminine, too. I'm really into this neutral pink & the studs add back in a rocker feel (without being overdone). I'm really into the mixing of metallics lately.
Last shop stop: H&M. Found a really cute short sleeve top with a black & white heart pattern and a peter pan collar (like this - only just learned the terminology for this!). 

Last official stop: NY pizza! Headed home, not having spent much and having had a kick ass, fashion-filled night! Thank you, NYC. You. are. stunning.


  1. OMG! This is so awesome! You're so lucky to go to BJ and see Tim!!!

  2. holy cow, look at you with tim gunn! :) great

  3. I had such an amazing time! Thanks ladies! <3

  4. Hi, lady! Visiting from last week's Links a la Mode - Congrats on having your post included in the round-up!

    Looks like you had SO much fun at FNO. Great photos, and like Mr Gunn, I'm dying over your shoes! :)

    Looking forward to following you and getting to know you/your blog! x


  5. Hey Hallie,

    Thanks so much!! I'm psyched to have you as a follower. & I checked out your blog - love it! Excited to follow you, as well. <3.

    xx. Jillian

  6. GORGEOUS images :)
    You look stunning!
    Lucky you! <3


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