Wednesday, September 14, 2011

fashion forward: living in love.

VIA my design blog:

I follow Artists for Peace & Justice on Twitter, who do amazing work bringing education to Haiti, & this afternoon they posted a link to this inspiring article by the Washington Post. The article tunes into Donna Karan's Spring 2012 collection, presented at NYFW. 

Karan explains how the entire collection was inspired by her trips to Haiti for earthquake relief, including colors that are "grounded in earthy browns and adorned with wood and gold-stud embellishments." I find this so moving because, through her fashion, Karan is making a true difference & at a place where the top people in the fashion business will see. She's bringing awareness to the issues that are still current in Haiti. 

It may not be obvious at first, but that's what makes it so brilliant; it's not in your face or asking you to donate money or go out and volunteer in Haiti. Instead, Karan is inviting you to ask her where this collection grew from and through learning about her trips & admiring her work, allowing our own interests to develop. Not to mention, the collection is beautiful!

check out the source article.
playful & patterned.
sweetheart cut & tribal.

coral & orange with a touch of the green.. so pretty.
loving this green...
Mermaid bottoms are usually very feminine, but the colors & the sharp pattern make this dress fierce.

photos via NYMag Fashion.

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