Saturday, September 24, 2011

Because being chic also means having a big heart.

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Check out this article written about Teresa Berg; one way cool & inspiring lady. Teresa is a portrait photographer - for dogs. She volunteers to take photos of dogs from shelters in a more home-like setting so that people can really see how a dog would fit into their lives as a "potential member of their family"... and adopt one! And, it's working. Apparently, for the shelters she worked with, dogs are getting adopted more quickly because of these amazing photographs. Honestly? I want to adopt every one of these dogs.

Teresa just finished training other photographers (Hey, Ms. Berg! I still want in!!) in the dog trade so that they, too, can volunteer to photograph for a shelter & continue to help homeless dogs finds homes. She encourages people to contact their local shelters - in a kind & gentle manner and offer their photography skills to help improve the number of dogs that find homes.

Talk Wag about living in love.


All photos taken by Teresa Berg

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  1. What an amazing story! I love that her photographs are helping speed up adoptions.


Thanks for making my day. Keep living in love. xx.

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