Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amélie: film to fashion inspiration

I've been watching many movies lately and more so than ever. I've started to take real notice in the fashion/costume design within them. So, I've decided to do some film-to-fashion-inspirations. 

This week's pick is the movie Amélie; a must see. It's innocence mixed with mature issues, then mixed with this unique cinematography... is genius. Not to mention, it's set in Paris (which, for me, doesn't get any better) & involves a photobooth (one of my favorite things). Audrey Tatou shines as Amélie, a boyish chic young lady who takes pleasure in noticing the little things in life, has an intense imagination and... has fallen in love. The rest of the story is too adorable to give away & is sure to bring a huge smile to your face. I've watched this movie so many times & the happiness I get from it never gets old. Neither does the quirky not-over-the-top fashion.

1. Modcloth dress // 2. Dr. Martens boots // 3. Michael Kors tweed
Amélie is constantly wearing these Docs throughout the film, but always pairing them with a dress and a cute, messy bob that's sometimes adorned with feminine clips - way boyish chic. 

The entire film is set in the colors of red & green, with every scene tinted a hue of green. It's really incredible to see how they pull this off throughout the film. It also makes for a fun inspired wardrobe full of red, green, tweed & polka dots.

above Amélie photos via
Watch this film, then go out & be your very own Amélie; fearless, loving, dreaming &... boyish chic.

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  1. Hi! Absolutely love your blog and style and will be following :) please check meout too. I've been meaning to see Amelie for a while and, with your recommendation, I just might.

  2. Thanks, Stella! I will check out your site & let you know what I think :] Amelie is honestly a must see!
    xx. Jillian


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